Rita and Runt are a pair of protagonists of Animaniacs segments Rita and Runt.

Rita is is voiced by Bernadette Peters, while Runt is voiced by Frank Welker.



Rita is a feisty, self-reliant and witty stray cat who often expresses her state of mind through a burst of song. Rita goes on many adventures with a dimwitted dog named Runt. Their adventures usually involve looking for a home. However, even though she cares about Runt, Runt being a dimwit causes all sorts of headaches to the intelligent feline. Initially viewing Runt as a useful fool to be discarded as soon as they find a home to live, as the show progresses she begins to trusts Runt to the point that either both will find a home to live together or not find a home at all.

In addition, due to Runt's aversion towards all cats but not yet realizing that Rita is a cat due to his stupidity, her travel with the dog is like walking on a fragile ice.


Runt 300

Runt is a big stray dog, who tags along with Rita the Cat in his various adventures which mainly involve looking for a home.

Runt is a playful and friendly dog. But Runt is a dimwit, especially the fact that Runt thinks Rita is a dog. His human master was not fond of him, often berating him as a stupid before Runt became astrayed.

Runt makes lots of mistakes, caused accidents or may not think hard enough about things, which would get him into trouble much to the annoyance of Rita.

Runt is very attracted to Rita and cares about her even though Runt is a dog and Rita is a cat. Due to Runt's instinct to attack all cats upon realization but not yet aware of Rita is a cat, their friendship is on an unstable foundation.

He can also be heroic by saving Rita a few times.


  • Welker's voice for Runt is an impression of Dustin Hoffman's character from Rain Man.
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