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Note: For the sake of the character and this wiki, Fujimaru will be attributed male pronouns in this article due to the male version's more prominent role in other forms of media.

Ritsuka Fujimaru (in Japanese: 藤丸 立香, Fujimaru Ritsuka) is the main protagonist and player character of the turn-based tactical RPG Fate/Grand Order. Subsequently, he acts as the protagonist of the various anime adaptions that are currently in the process of adapting Fate/Grand Order: Observer on Timeless Temple. These include the TV special Fate/Grand Order: First Order which adapts the prologue, the movie duology Fate/Grand Order - Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot which adapts the sixth chapter, and the TV series Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia which adapts the seventh chapter.

In the Fate/Grand Order anime adaptions, Male Ritsuka is voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki in Japanese and Griffin Burns in English. Shimazaki has also voiced Eugeo in Sword Art Online and Yuki Sohma in Fruits Basket. Burns has also voiced Devilman in Devilman Crybaby, Muichiro Tokito in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Nathan Adams in Yo-kai Watch. Both Male and Female Rituska are voiced by Tomoko Kaneda in Learning With Manga!

Fate/Grand Order: First Order

Introduction to Chaldea

Ritsuka Fujimaru came from an ordinary background with no previous experience with magic. Out of the blue, Fujimaru was contacted by Chaldea Security Organisation, a covert international agency dedicated to the prevention of humanity's extinction. Chaldea sought Ritsuka because of his latent magical ability to summon and command Heroic Spirits from the past as a Master. Ritsuka obliged their demand without really knowing anything.

When he arrived, Ritsuka was placed into a simulated battle within the Spiritron Dive. Unfortunately, due to his lack of experience with the the device he slept-walked into the main hall of Chaldea and collapsed. He was found collapsed on the ground by a strange creature named Fou who alerted Mash Kyrielight of his presence. Kyrielight woke Ritsuka up and told him what had probably happened to him.

Mash went on to explain that Chaldea was an research facility that gathered scholars together for the purpose of making human history as prosperous as possible. The greatest of Chaldea's scholars, scientists and mages created CHALDEAS, a miniature model of Earth created from a reproduction of the planet's soul. As long as the lights on CHALDEAS shine brightly, there will apparently be no major catastrophe in the next one hundred years.

Worryingly, the light had slowly began to decline, and according to Mash the complete disappearance of the light would indicate that civilization had been cut off. Due to the pace of the light's fading, Chaldea had been able to predict that the extinction of society would occur in December 2018.

On closer examination of CHALDEAS, a new disaster had been discovered: Singularity F. Singularity F was an un-observable anomaly in space-time that didn't exist in history, located in the Japanese city of Fuyuki in A.D. 2004. Believing this singularity to be the cause of the upcoming extinction-level event, the U.N. approved the Rayshifting experiment as a countermeasure.

Rayshifting transforms humans into spiritrons and sends them into the past to intervene in events in a similar way to time travel. After receiving this brief explanation from Mash, Ritsuka was amazed that time travel was now possible and that he would be involved in it.

Ritsuka and Mash's conversation was interrupted by Lev Lainur, one of Chaldea's engineers. Lainur told Ritsuka to head to the Master candidate briefing which was being held by Chaldea's director Olga Marie Animusphere.

Director Animusphere explained to the gathered candidates that each of them had been selected from around the world because of the rare talent they all had in common. This talent was the capability of performing a Spiritron Dive. Furthermore, each candidate had the magical circuits and qualifications to become a Master.

Regrettably, the Director caught Ritsuka sleeping at the back of the room during her speech and excluded him from the briefing and the first mission as a punishment. Mash told Ritsuka that the Director came from a proud lineage of mages and held some form of prejudice against those mages who did not originate from a long bloodline.

Sabotage at Chaldea

Mash: You can't see the sky, a-at all from here.
Ritsuka: Yeah you're right about that... because there's always a blizzard here. You know what? Someday I'm going to take you to see it.
Mash: Sen.. pai. Please... your hand.
Ritsuka: Of course. Here.
~ Ritsuka comforting Mash before her impending death.

Upon arriving at his quarters, Ritsuka discovered them already occupied by a man eating cake. Fujimaru explained to the man that the room he was relaxing in was in fact Ritsuka's room. The man apologized for the confusion and introduced himself as Dr. Romani Archaman, head of Chaldea's medical division.

Since neither of them had anything better to do, Ritsuka and Archaman chatted for a while about the history and structure of Chaldea. The pair were interrupted when Romani was summoned to the Rayshifting chamber in final preparation for the mission. As Romani bid farewell to Ritsuka, the pair heard a massive explosion and the facility's alarms began to ring.

Ritsuka and Archaman rushed to the Rayshifting chamber and discovered everything in flames with the exception of CHALDEAS. Romani ran off, intending to boot up the emergency power generators in an attempt to stop the Rayshifting sequence. Meanwhile, Ritsuka desperately searched the chamber in the hopes of finding Mash.

Eventually he found her trapped under a giant bolder with the help of Fou, which he attempted to lift in vain. The system sealed the Rayshifting chamber with Ritsuka and Mash still trapped inside and began counting down to the interior cleansing sequence. Fujimaru held Mash's hand to comfort her in her final moments as she prepared for her impending demise. However, due to the Rayshifting sequence continuing, Ritsuka was automatically registered as a Master and transported into Singularity F.

The Contaminated City in Flames

Ritsuka: I'm sorry. I keep putting you through the ringer. If I were a first-rate mage instead of a normal guy I'm pretty sure your burden wouldn't be so heavy.
Mash: You really are a shining example of a human. I'm actually grateful. I couldn't be happier to have formed a contract with you.
~ Ritsuka expressing his insecurities to Mash.

Ritsuka was woken up by Fou who had been licking him for a time. Surrounding him was a desolate city devoid of all life, with ash-like skies overhead. As he observed the city in horror, he noticed a red light travelling towards him. The light, a barrage of energy, came crashing down upon him before he realized the threat. Fortunately, Mash came to his rescue wielding a large shield. The sniper unleashed another barrage of energy upon Ritsuka and Mash before retreating.

The pair then heard a woman's scream and Mash asked Ritsuka what her orders were. Although confused, he decided to investigate the source of the screams. Eventually they discovered Director Animusphere surrounded by a group of sentient skeletons. Mash quickly decimated the hostiles using her shield.

Kyrielight explained that they were inside Singularity F: Fuyuki 2004. She told the pair that she was a demi-servant, having made a contract with a mysterious Heroic Spirit to gain his powers right before her death. The servant merely wished for Mash to stop the Singularity, and in return merged with her.

At that moment, Archaman contacted the trio from the Chaldea facility in the present using a communicator watch that Ritsuka was wearing. The Director questioned Archaman, demanding to know why he was sitting in the chair of the Director instead of Lev Lainur. Archaman regretfully informed her that he was the highest ranking individual left, as Lev had been caught in the explosion that destroyed the chamber. Furthermore, the other 47 Master candidates were all in critical condition.

Animusphere decided that regardless of the situation, she, Ritsuka and Mash should still investigate the cause of the Singularity. Romani soon called them back and warned them that a servant was nearby. Not taking any chances, the trio swiftly fled the scene.

Fujimaru was perplexed as to why a servant was within the Singularity. Mash informed him that it was because of a Holy Grail War. In unaltered history, a magical ritual known as the Holy Grail War occurred in Fuyuki 2004. The mages of Fuyuki completed the construction of a Holy Grail, a special magical artifact which could grant any wish. Seven independent Masters each summoned a servant of their own, all of which had different classes. The last survivor of the War would obtain the Grail and have their wish granted. However, the conclusion of the event was unrecorded, so whether it succeeded or failed was ambiguous.

The trio eventually found their path blocked by chains that seemingly materialized from nowhere. A female servant of the Lancer-class with long purple hair appeared. Surrounding the servant was a cluster of petrified people, implicating that the servant turned them to stone. The servant snapped the head off of one of the statues, spraying blood everywhere. She declared that she would add Ritsuka, Mash, and the Director to her stone garden. Lancer and Mash subsequently began dueling. The enemy servant initially held the upper hand, however after a short spar Mash was able to push her back.

Lancer jumped onto her chains and created new ones to box in her prey. Mash, wary that the servant was too powerful for her to defeat, requested for Ritsuka and Animusphere to retreat. Before Ritsuka could give a response, a Caster-class servant arrived and fired upon the purple-haired servant, completely destroying her chains.

Caster proclaimed to Mash and Ritsuka that he would help them defeat the enemy servant. Out of respect for Mash's courage, Caster formed a temporary servant-master contract with Ritsuka. With Mash as support, Caster was able to obliterate Lancer with relative ease, severing her connection with the Earth.

According to Caster, the Holy Grail War had suddenly taken a turn for the worst. Over night the town was submerged in fire and humans disappeared. The only beings remaining in the aftermath were servants. Since then the Saber-class servant of the War had been rampaging. Saber had defeated the other five summoned servants - Rider, Lancer, Berserker, Assassin, and Archer.

After they fell in battle, the servants Saber defeated were engulfed and corrupted by a dark mud as seen with Lancer. Caster informed the group that he had already taken care of Rider and Assassin before Ritsuka's group could encounter them. Furthermore Berserker wasn't inclined to attack them if he was left alone. Considering this, the only servants remaining to defeat were Archer and Saber herself, and then the Grail War would come to a close.

The Director hypothesized that the end of the Grail War would also lead to Singularity F being erased. Caster informed the group that Archer and Saber were currently atop a mountain protecting the corrupted Grail. He also offered to deal with Archer himself whilst Ritsuka's group battled Saber.

The group rested in an abandoned school before the final showdown with Archer and Saber. During their rest, Fujimaru expressed his insecurities to Mash, believing himself to be incompetent. In turn, Mash merely stated that she couldn't be happier with her Master, as she held deep admiration for his humanity.

Showdown with Saber

After taking a rest, the group traveled up the mountain and into the lair of Archer and Saber. Ritsuka and his friends were instantly confronted by Archer, who had been sent by Saber to neutralize them. Caster declared that he would hold Archer off while the others headed deeper into the lair. Naturally, Ritsuka and the others obliged and left Caster to deal with Archer.

Eventually, Ritsuka, Mash and Animusphere made it to the heart of the mountain. There they discovered the corrupted Greater Grail along with Saber who was standing guard over it. Saber instantly attacked the trio. Unfortunately Mash was easily overwhelmed by the merciless barrage of strikes that Saber produced. Ritsuka sought to help Mash with her opponent, however he was cautioned against it by the Director.

Saber began charging up her Noble Phantasm to finish off Mash. Believing he could no longer sit idly by, Ritsuka began running over to Mash. However, before Ritsuka could reach her Saber unleashed her Noble Phantasm Excalibur Morgan upon Mash. Against the powerful beam of energy, Mash was barely able to resist. As Mash began to steel herself for her inevitably death, Ritsuka came to her side and clutched the shield with her.

Ritsuka then used one of his three Command Spells possessed by all Masters to give Mash a boost in power. With her strength increased, Mash called upon the power of her own Noble Phantasm. The Phantasm conjured an ethereal wall that deflected Excalibur Morgan back at Saber.

However, Mash's Noble Phantasm only gave them a brief reprieve, as Saber began to charge Excalibur Morgan once again. Simultaneously, Mash's energy had been completely sapped by her Noble Phantasm and as such she wasn't in a state to defend from another attack.

Just as the situation began to seem dire once again, Caster appeared and conjured his Noble Phantasm Wicker Man against Saber. This attack summoned a flame giant which completely engulfed a helpless Saber. Upon the deactivation of the Wicker Man, both Saber and Caster began to dematerialize.

The True Threat

In her last moments, Saber spoke of the "Grand Order", stating that while her and Caster's part in the conflict had ended, the war for the Holy Grail had just begun. Caster suggested that if Ritsuka were ever to summon him again, it should be as a member of the Lancer-class. With that final statement, Caster and Saber vanished.

After the servants vanished, a glowing yellow gem materialized in front of the group. Before they investigate it, Archaman contacted the group and congratulated them on their victory. The Director praised Mash for manifesting her Noble Phantasm for the first time, suggesting the name "Lord Chaldeas" for it, to which Mash agreed.

Just then, the sound of clapping reverberated across the mountainside. The group traced the source of the clapping and discovered Lev Lainur standing atop the Grail. While the trio were initially happy to see their co-worker alive, their joviality diminished when Lev expressed dissatisfaction that the bomb he had planted had failed to obliterate the Director.

He went on to explain that the Director's physical body had expired and her consciousness only existed within Singularity F. Out of respect for the Director, Lev decided to show the group a glimpse of the threat they were facing. With that statement, Lev summoned the yellow gem towards himself and showed them an image of the state CHALDEAS was currently in.

Every light on the globe had been distinguished, indicating that society had ended. Lev then dragged the Director towards the globe of CHALDEAS telekinetically. Lainur told Animusphere that being plunged into the globe of CHALDEAS was akin to falling into a black hole.

Fearing for her life, Ritsuka attempted to make a move to save the Director, only to be stopped by Mash who believed it was too dangerous. With no other option, Ritsuka and Mash were forced to watch as Olga Animusphere was submerged in the globe, dying painfully.

Lev then reintroduced himself to Ritsuka and Mash as Lev Lainur Flauros. In order to deal with the infestation considered humanity, Lev was charged with the year A.D. 2018. Because of his connection Dr. Romani Lev gave Chaldeas one more piece of information - the future and present had been completely erased. The only things remaining were the past and the Chaldeas security facility that was protected by the magnetic field of CHALDEAS. According to Lev, the reason humanity was destined to die was because they had upset his King.

Lev bid farewell to Mash, Ritsuka and Romani as Singularity F began to collapse around them. The communicator soon cut out, leaving Mash and Ritsuka all alone in the collapsing singularity. Ritsuka desperately tried to grasp Mash's hand as the ground beneath them caved. Upon managing to grasp her, Ritsuka fell unconscious.

A New Mission

From this moment forward Chaldea will follow through on Director Olga Marie's plan to guarantee the continuation of the human race. Our mission: to guard and protect human history, to seek out relics and Grails and reclaim them for research and the preservation of mankind! The opponent we must face is none other then history itself. Many Heroic Spirits, legends all, will be standing in the way of our goals. The only way to ensure our survival is by taking back the future, no matter what kind of outcome may be waiting for us. This is Chaldea's first and last mission. The designated name of this operation to protect humanity is: Grand Order. In the name of the magical world's highest order, we will take back the future!
~ Romani Archaman announcing Chaldea's mission.

Fujimaru awakened in the medical ward of Chaldea with Fou by his side. Hoping that everything he witnessed was a dream, Ritsuka rushed to the Rayshifting chamber. Unfortunately the chamber was still decimated and the lights of CHALDEAS were still dark. Standing within the chamber's ruined center was Mash.

Relieved to see her alive and well, Ritsuka embraced the demi-servant. They were interrupted by the presence of Dr. Romani, who expressed sadness at the loss of the Director but never-the-less congratulated them on resolving Singularity F.

However, seven new singularities throughout the past had been discovered, each of which were far larger then Fuyuki. Archaman theorized that rayshifting to these singularities and resolving them would save human civilization. Romani asked Ritsuka and Mash if they could resolve these singularities as they were the only Master and servant pairing remaining in the present. Naturally Fujimaru and Mash obliged his request, and the mission to restore mankind's future designated "Grand Order" began.



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