And watch your back, Picard.
~ Rixx

Rixx was a male Bolian introduced in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Conspiracy.

He was portrayed by Michael Berryman.

A Federation Starfleet officer, Rixx attended the Altarian Conference in the 2350s and met a Starfleet Captain named Jean-Luc Picard.

As a Captain, Rixx became the first Bolian to command a Federation starship when named the CO of the USS Thomas Paine. He became known as one of Starfleet's best Captains.

In 2364 the Neural Parasites put their plans in motion to take over the galaxy by infiltrating Starfleet. Rixx, Walker Keel, Tryla Scott, and a few other officers became aware of suspicious patterns of behavior within Starfleet. The three of them arranged to meet with Captain Picard at Dytallix B, where Rixx and his fellow Captains satisfied themselves that Picard had not been co-opted. Rixx and the others warned Picard of the strange goings on in the fleet.

Initially unconvinced, Picard came around to believe their warnings after the death of Keel and Data uncovering a pattern of orders suggesting a prelude to an invasion. Finding out about the parasites, Picard and William Riker put an end to the parasite invasion by killing the mother parasite.

Rixx continued to command the Thomas Paine for a number of years after this. In 2371 Picard contacted Rixx to inquire about an engineer who had served under Rixx before transferring to the Enterprise. Rixx was one of the Captains who debriefed Kathryn Janeway when USS Voyager returned home in 2378.

Prior to 2380 Rixx retired from Starfleet and wrote a book called The Ripple Effect that discussed first contact situations.

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