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Roachie is a character in the CatDog episode The Pet. He is a cockroach who lives at the Nearburg dump.


When CatDog goes into the Nearburg dump, Dog is digging into trash and eats them. When Dog sees a cockroach named Roachie in a sliced watermelon and is injured, Dog wants to take care of Roachie, but Cat tells Dog that Cockroach take 7 days to heal and 1 week to be out. After Roachie is healed, Dog wanted to keep him as a pet and Cat wants to get rid of him. Roachie then sleeps on Cat's tongue and sheds his skin, and Winslow convinced Cat to built a robot called X-terminator 3000 that kills and destroy pests, and Cat agrees.

When Roachie was asleep, Cat then built a robot and tries to find another switch, then Cat tries to take a switch out of the washing machine, but then the washer turns on and pulls Cat inside and gets stuck. Then Roachie wakes up and tries to open the washing machine, but he can't and wakes up Dog and shows him that Cat is stuck in the washing machine, and Dog opens up the washing machine to let Cat out. Cat thanks Dog for saving him, but Dog says that it was Roachie that saved him, and Cat thanks Roach and apologies for disliking Roachie, and Roachie forgives Cat by licking him and Dog forgives him too. When the Robot is alive, Cat has no idea how the robot came back to life, the Robot tries to destroy Roachie, but ends up destroying the inside of the house, and Cat sees the switch, he get it and put it on the robot and turns it off. Later on, Roachie wants to go back to his home, CatDog takes him home with his mate.


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