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Roadbuster is a supporting character in Generation One of the Transformers franchise. Although his figure was released in 1985, he never appeared in the cartoon but was used in the Marvel UK comics.


Roadbuster first appeared in "Target: 2006" as a member of the Wreckers, the elite Autobot team based on Cybertron. Roadbuster was involved in Operation: Volcano, a plan to eliminate nine of the Decepticons' greatest warriors. To this end, Roadbuster fed a Decepticon informer false information that the Autobot leader Emirate Xaaron was calling together a conference of senior Autobots. The plan was for the Decepticons to attack the fake meeting only for the Wreckers to ambush them in turn. The operation ultimately failed however, as most of the Decepticons were recalled before the trap could be sprung and Wrecker leader Impactor was killed by a straggler, Macabre.

Roadbuster next appeared in "The Harder They Die", when he and the other Wreckers, under new leader Springer, assisted Ultra Magnus in capturing Optimus Prime, who they had been tricked into believing was a Decepticon facsimile. They came close to killing him but were stopped by Outback. After Emirate Xaaron vouched for the newcomer, Roadbuster and the others joined him on several missions before he returned to Earth.

After a lengthy absence, Roadbuster reappeared in "Time Wars", where he accompanied the Wreckers and their reluctant allies the Decepticon Mayhem Squad to Earth. They intended to dispose of the time-travelling Decepticon commander Galvatron, but met even heavier resistance than expected when they found Galvatron was backed up by Megatron, his younger self. After suffering a number of casualties, the group ended up in a fighting retreat. Roadbuster scored one of the few telling hits on Galvatron, blowing away half his face with a pathblaster cannon, but was killed moments later when the weapon overloaded and exploded.

The post-movie version of the character appeared in "Peace", where he was one of the Autobots involved in eliminating the final Decepticon outpost in the year 2510. He attended Rodimus Prime's meeting to announce the end of the war, but a Decepticon deep cover agent, Triton, stirred up trouble among the Autobots present by inciting an argument over whether Ultra Magnus or Springer should be their new leader. Roadbuster pulled a weapon on Triton and was promptly killed by Scattershot.


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