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Roadkill is a Hispanic armadillo in Rango. He is very wise and teaches Rango about "the other side".


Meeting Rango

Roadkill needed some assistance from a chameleon. He tells the lizard about the Spirit of the West. Rango seeks water but Roadkill tells him he also needs friends.


After seeing the Spirit of the West, Rango saw Roadkill again. Roadkill helped Rango find a place filled with water and that made Rango come back to Dirt.

Town of Mud

After Rango took care of the Mayor, the town of Dirt became the town of Mud. As Rango leaves, Roadkill tells Rango to give the people a good speech.


  • "I must get to the other side." (repeated quote)
  • "The Spirit of the West, amigo. The one. They say he rides an alabaster carriage with golden guardians to protect him."
  • "Give them a good one, amigo."


  • It is very possible that Roadkill is the Right-Hand of the Spirit of the West.
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