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Hm? Me? Are you serious?! It seems I got so excited I forgot to introduce myself! I'll start over, hm? I am the lead Guardian researcher and director of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Doctooooor... Robbie!
~ Robbie

Robbie is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He was a Guardian Researcher who worked together with Purah and Princess Zelda to excavate the Ancient Sheikah technology in the wake of Calamity Ganon's impending return to wreak destruction upon Hyrule once more and he was responsible for getting the Guardians in working condition. After Link is saved by two Sheikah warriors when he was critically injured under Zelda's orders, Robbie and Purah bring the Hylian warrior to the Shrine of Resurrection where he would remain for the next century. After the end of the Great Calamity, Robbie, Impa, and Purah decide to go their separate ways for their safety, if any one of them dies, the others would aid Link's quest when he emerges from the shrine. Robbie had learned that Calamity Ganon had taken control of the Guardians and resulted in them going berserk and attacking anyone within range, and has sworn to find a way to bring them back under Hyrulean control. He doesn't immediately trust strangers and would ask for proof that they are the real deal and not the Yiga Clan in disguise, an evil organization that are bent on eliminating Ganon's enemies. Robbie set up his own lab where he researches Guardians and inventing Ancient Weapons that can be used against the corrupted Guardians. He eventually married Jerrin and eventually have a son named Granté and he invented a machine that can produce Ancient Soldier Gear in exchange for Rupees and Ancient Materials and would then dub it "Cherry", much to his wife's chagrin.

He is voiced by Jacob Craner in the English version, Kenichiro Matsuda in the Japanese version, and Roberto Salguero in the Spanish version.

Breath of the Wild

Link meets Robbie when he examines Cherry, and will ask Link if he is the real Link from the previous century and will ask for proof that he needs to show him his scars from battle, which involves Link taking off his gear and after doing so, Robbie will recognize and trust him before introducing himself as Robbie. He inquires about Purah and will think she is a crazy woman when he learns that she has reverted to a child due to an experiment gone horribly wrong, or Link can deny ever meeting her at all. He explains the tale of the Great Calamity and will become flustered over the fact that the Blue Flame that powers Cherry has gone out and couldn't produce any Ancient Gear or weapons. Since Jerrin would not do the deed due to her jealousy of Robbie's attention to Cherry than herself, he asks Link to bring the Blue Flame back from its source at Tumlea Heights so he can get back to work. Once Link is able to make a long journey back with the Blue Flame, Cherry becomes operational again, much to Robbie's joy and gives the credit to his love for the machine before realizing that it was due to Link's efforts. He will reward Link with three Ancient Arrows. If Link has already powered up Cherry before meeting Robbie, he will immediately conclude that Link is the Hylian Champion from the events of the Great Calamity. Robbie will tell Link that his top priority is to destroy Calamity Ganon. Robbie continues to contribute to Link's cause by providing ancient weapons that can easily destroy the hostile Guardians.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity



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