Robe is the main tritagonist of the 2001 family movie Max Keeble's Big Move. He is played by Josh Peck.

Character and Plot

Robert (Robe) is the long time best friend of Max Keeble. Along with Megan, he helped Max saved the animal shelter from the evil Principal Jindraike and even gain the courage to get back at the school bullies. Robe is also clausaphobic and wears a night robe over his regular clothes almost all the time (hence the nickname Robe). One the first day of Junior High, on the bus ride to their new school, John J. Curtis Junior High, Robe finds a nearly empty can of soda and drinks what's left of it, much to disgust of his friends. In science Robe like a lot of the other male students becomes attracted to Ms. Dingman the attractive science teacher as she explains pheromones to the class At school auditorium, during a school assembly when Megan asks Robe where Max is, Robe tells her he doesn't know where he is. After their principal, Elliot T. Jindraike, explains his plans for new football program for the school, which includes building a new football stadium, the team, the Cottontails, Max arrives in the auditorium filthy and covered in and smelling like garbage after he was bullied by Troy McGinty, an ex-friend of his. After Max cleans himself up, Robe continues the first day of school with his friends, while he has  his lunch money stolen by a student named Dobbs and is treated like a troublemaker by Jindraike. After their first day of school ends, at the junkyard where Robe's father works, Max tells him and Megan that he is moving to Chicago due to his father getting a promotion at work. Robe then warns Max that Chicago has a lot of carjackers and offers to get his dad to give him a job at the junkyard so he can stay.


  • Robe mixed Chicago up with Detroit, when explaining to Max look out for carjackers, as he referred Chicago as "the Motor City".


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