Robert Baxter
Robert Baxter was the second playable character in the second release of Time Crisis II as the 2-player arcade version and his debut. He is a Native American agent who is served in the U.S Navy SEALs during his years before joining VSSE as his the assignment. In adition upon his recruitment to the VSSE from his previous organization, Robert is also referred to as Griffon (Treasure Keeper) to prevent sudden assaults and prosecution from the terrorists. Among all members of the VSSE, both Keith and Robert serve as the senior team of agency. His civilian form was a school bus driver.

During the events of the second installment taking the place in 1998, Robert has teamed up with his partner Keith Martin to stop the Neodyne Industries Incident from the terrorists,who were attempt to kidnap Cristy for sneaking out satellite network as their project and retrieving its data on her laptop.

In his reappearance of Time Crisis 5, he initially takes a role of a non-playable supporter. But if the player is duped by his former partner Keith, he was fallen to reveal the true antagonist as his another role of the game and serves the final boss of the 4th stage that fights on foot and pilots a big robot. So both VSSE agents Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart must fight him before being killed for treason.

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