Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy, also known as RFK, was a secondary character in the 1992 film Hoffa.

By the mid 1950s Kennedy was a lawyer working for the United State Senate's McClellan Committee. By then they had started investigating the senior leadership of the Teamsters union, especially one James Riddle Hoffa. The pair first met when Hoffa came to Washington to testify in front of the committee. In that hearing the young Kennedy grilled Hoffa over organized crime link as well as the possible infiltration of communists into the union, infuriating Hoffa when he all but accused Hoffa of being a communist, which Hoffa angrily denied.

Even though nothing came of Kennedy's investigation at that time, by then the two men despised each other. The government continued their investigation of Hoffa over the next several years.

In the early 1960s after the election of his brother John as President of the United States Kennedy became the Attorney General of the United States. Renewing his focus on rooting out corruption in organized labor, Kennedy began working again on taking down Hoffa.

When Hoffa was subpoenaed by the government, he confronted Kennedy in his office. Angrily denouncing Kennedy, Hoffa left after telling Kennedy off and verbally attacking his brother to Kennedy's face. At that Kennedy lost his composure and yelled after Hoffa that he would not back down in the face of pressure or threats, vowing to put Hoffa in jail.

In the late 1960s Hoffa was brought to trial and thanks to testimony provided by Peter Connelly both Hoffa and his chief associate Bobby Ciaro were sent to prison for several years.


  • Kennedy was portrayed by the American actor Kevin Anderson. Anderson would later portray Kennedy's brother John in the 2002 television movie Power and Beauty.
  • Nearly all of the dialog between Kennedy and Hoffa in the Senate hearing was taken verbatim from the transcripts of the actual Senate hearing.
  • Kennedy's later life and death was not addressed in the film.
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