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We're pretty good at connecting the dots.One of Goren's most famous lines

Robert Goren is the main character of the NBC procedural crime drama Law & Order: Criminal Intent. He is an intellectually gifted, eccentric NYPD police detective who solves crimes by profiling criminals' motives and personalities. He is partnered with Det. Alexandra Eames.

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Character overview

A highly intelligent, emotionally intuitive man, Goren has a talent for forming complex psychological profiles and understanding the "why" of even the most unusual crimes. Goren himself has admitted his investigative style is unusual, stating that "I am an acquired taste". Even his partner, Alexandra Eames, was at first so puzzled by his methods that she asked for a new partner. She eventually came to respect his abilities, however, and the two became very close.


Early life

Goren's childhood contributed to his ability to understand criminal psychology and to empathize with the victims of crimes. He states that he knows what it is like 'to have your judgement, your sense of security undermined by your parents; because they were hiding a truth or denying it to themselves'. However, he never removes the responsibility for present actions from the criminals themselves. Further, Goren often openly flinches whenever his family is mentioned. Goren's arch-nemesis, Nicole Wallace often exploits weaknesses tied to his emotions regarding his family. Wallace used Goren's birthdate (August 20, 1961) and social security number (845-67-3906) to discover intimate details of his life with which she manipulates his emotional state. After taking the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) his senior year of high school, Goren was sent to the school counselor and for a talk with the 'school shrink'. He played basketball as a youth, but quit when he 'lost his love for the game', possibly due to the fact his father never paid attention to his efforts. His position on his junior varsity high school team was power forward.

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