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Robert Smith is a band member of The Cure and a good celebrity (The Boys didn't mocked and ridiculed over the last thirteen years) who saved South Park from Mecha-Streisand by transforming himself into a Mothra-like creature to defeat Mecha-Streisand by using Robot punch in her nose knocking off the Diamond of Pantheos which made her powerless and using mega-toss and throwing her into space and saved the day. He was also voiced by his real-world self.


He is summoned to aid Leonard Maltin and Sidney Poitier in thwarting Barbra Streisand's plans, all of whom can transform into Japanese movie monsters. Smith transforms into a giant moth and fights Mecha-Streisand with a sonic scream and "Robert Punch". Robert Smith lent his voice to his character in "Mecha-Streisand".


Robert has messy, black hair, a small nose, and thin, black eyebrows. He wears a light purple button-up shirt, black pants, and white sneakers.


Robert is very benevolent, as he helped his allies to stop the villain.

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