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Hero Overview

We will no longer be objectified!
~ Roberta standing up to her former boss Mr. Grundle

Roberta Coretta Tubbs is a main character on the animated sitcom The Cleveland Show. She's the biological daughter of Donna and her ex-husband Robert, the sister of Rallo, step-sister of Cleveland Jr, and step-daughter of Cleveland. She was apparently named after her father.

In season 1, she was voiced by Nia Long, and from season 2 onwards she is voiced by Reagan Gomez.


Roberta is an African American teenage girl of slender build.

She has long black hair with a blonde streak in it. She has pearl earrings and a gold chain. She wears a green tube top, blue jeans and white shoes with black stripes. Roberta is usually considered attractive to many other characters on the show and as a result she often uses her looks to get what she wants. Much like her Mother's rear end there is a running gag in the series where a joke is usually made about her breasts.

Personality and Traits 

Roberta is shown to be a typical teenage girl, she is popular at school, has a less than respectable boyfriend by the name of Gabriel Friedman "Federline Jones". Despite being from a broken home and having a neglectful father Roberta is rather well adjusted. She is shown to put a foil on her real personality to be accepted by her peers, as shown in the episode "B.M.O.C" where it is revealed that she is actually a very intelligent individual despite her personality as being air headed. She can have a love/hate relationship with her brother Rallo as they at times trick and antagonize each other. She has a caring relationship with Cleveland Jr. and can sympathize with him as they have a similar relationship with their parents. She has a rocky, tough love relationship with her mother Donna as she tends to be rebellious and break the rules, often with her dealing with the consequences in the end and she learns her lessons. Although she is mostly seen making out and spending time with her boyfriend Federline she will leave him for someone else if she gets bored enough as seen in "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Roberta " decides to flirt with other guys in "Nightmare On Grace Street" and leaves him again in "Brownsized", despite all of this the two eventually get back together. She is shown to have attitude at times and even just plain disrespectful especially to Cleveland who she disliked for unknown reasons. Dispite all of this Roberta has warmed up to Cleveland as a Step-Father and has come to accept him into the family. In some episodes she aids the other characters when needed.

Due to the cancellation of The Cleveland Show, she has since joined the Family Guy cast along with her family. Her debut appearance in Season 12 Episode 20 "He's Bla-ack"

Notable Heroic acts she has done during The Cleveland Show include:

Heroic Acts

  • "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Roberta": at the end of the episode she decides to clean up her ways and start acting like a responsible young adult. (Although Temporarily)
  • "Love Rollercoaster" while in her fake Tyra fat-suit she fakes like she has moved to Alaska in order to avoid breaking Cleveland Jr.'s heart.
  • "Dancing With The Stools" Roberta agrees to babysit Rallo while the rest of the family practice for the Dancing With The Stools competition, eager at first, Roberta gets annoyed with Rallo even altering her appearance to look like Donna. Due to his antics she has second thoughts of ever having children.
  • "Til Deaf" She decides to run against Cleveland Jr. in their schools election in order to "prove a point", though she does resign from office when she wins.
  • "B.M.O.C" She rescues Cleveland when he is drunk, tied to a donkey in the woods, also she thinks about her future and decides to go to college.
  • "All You Can Eat" She decides to give Cleveland Jr. a makeover when he is bullied yet again at school, taking him out of town. This escalates Junior's confidence that he approaches misfit Daisy. Also later in the episode she decides to join him in the prom together when Daisy doesn't want to go.
  • "Escape From Goochland" She decides to dress up as Donna for Halloween as revenge for not letting them participate, also letting Junior tag along dressed as his Dad.
  • "Tis The Cleveland To Be Sorry" Roberta decides to get a job at the mall as an Sexy Elf wearing rather provocative clothes, also Roberta helps Kendra when she is denied the role as Santa Claus, even pimping out her Santa sleigh for her. In the end she manages to encourage Kendra into standing up for herself- and also quits her job due to sexism.


  • Roberta is capable of impersonating her father's voice often fooling Rallo into believing it's really him
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