Hello this is Robin Harris. Steven doesn't live here anymore. Please leave a message after the beep.
~ Robin's answering machine.

Robin Harris is a supporting character in the 1996 comedy The Cable Guy and played by Leslie Mann who played as Ursula Stanhope and Linda Gunderson.


She is Steven Kovacs' ex girlfriend who kicked him out after rejecting his marriage proposal. Things take a turn for the worse when Chip Douglas, Steven's mentally ill cable guy, also starts hitting on Robin.

Chip tracks down Robin who is on a date with another man. When the man goes to the bathroom, Chip severely beats him and tells him to stay away from Robin.

He later upgrades Robin's cable, saying that it's on Steven. Robin decides to get back together with Steven as a result.

Steven tells Chip that they cannot be friends which hurts Chip. Chip then begins a series of vengeful acts. He gets Steven arrested for possession of stolen property (the home theater system), although Steven is released on bail.

During a dinner with his family and Robin, Steven is horrified to see Chip is in attendance as well.

Steven tells him to leave, but Chip tells him to play along or he'll show everyone a picture of Steven with the prostitute. The evening goes from bad to worse with Steven punching Chip after the latter implies that he slept with Robin.

Steven is later fired from his job when Chip sends out a video of Steven insulting his boss to the entire office that was recorded on hidden cameras in his apartment.

After doing some investigating, Rick tells Steven that Chip has been fired from the cable company for stalking customers, and uses the names of television characters as aliases (with his current alias taken from My Three Sons).

Chip calls Steven that night, telling him that he's paying Robin a visit. Steven tracks them down to the satellite dish where Chip holds Robin hostage.

After a physical altercation and a chase, Steven gets the upper hand and is able to save Robin. As the police arrive, Chip goes into a long speech on how he was raised by television and apologizes to Steven for being a bad friend.

Chip then dives into the satellite dish, knocking out the television signal to the entire town, just as the verdict in a highly publicized case involving a famous child star is about to be revealed.

Chip survives the fall, but injures his back. As Steven and Robin reunite, Steven forgives Chip and asks for his real name.

Then, Chip jokingly replies "Ricky Ricardo". Chip is later taken to the hospital in a helicopter.

When one of the paramedics addresses him as "buddy", Chip asks the paramedic if he is truly his buddy which the paramedic replies "Yeah, sure you are", causing Chip to smile deviously just before the end credits roll.


  • Kristy Swanson, the late Anna Nicole Smith, Drew Barrymore and Nicole Kidman were all considered for the role of Robin Harris before Leslie Mann was cast.
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