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Robin Hood is a character from Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse.

He is voiced by Jamie Bamber, who played Matt Devlin and Lee "Apollo" Adama.


In the beginning of the movie, he is seen being pursued by the Sheriff of Nottingham with a trap with real gold on a wagon as well as Jerry Mouse being chased by Tom Cat who is hiding inside a barrel, ready to pounce on the little mouse.

However, due to Jerry, as Robin's messenger, the rider of the wagon was captured five miles back and was replaced with Little John, who happens to be one of Robin's Merry Men. When The Sheriff says it's still 10 to 2 (2 and 1/16 when Jerry got offended), the rest of Robin's Merry Men ambush the Sheriff and his guards, strip them to their underwear, and take the gold.

Robin Hood has Jerry deliver love letters to Maid Marian while avoiding Tom Cat, who happens to be the spy hired by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

When Robin hears about an archery contest (which is planned by the Sheriff and Prince John with promises of gold, the title of best archer in the land, and a kiss from Maid Marian in order to trap Robin), he and his Merry Men to the tournament in disguise to avoid suspicion from the Sheriff.

He and the Sheriff become the last two to compete in the finals, and with the help from Jerry, who is trying to escape Tom, makes three bullseyes in a row and wins the tournament. Unfortunately, his disguise is removed by The Sheriff and he and his Merry Men are arrested; scheduled for execution.

He and his Merry Men are freed by Tom (who reformed) and Jerry, and he is finally reunited with his love interest, Maid Marian.

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