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Robonyan F is a Rank A Fire-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Tough tribe.


A robot cat that has it's body split in two colors; the right white, and the left blue. It has big cyan eyes, wrists, nose, shoulder, and knee. The muzzle, inner-ear, paws, and chest are gray. A yellow sphere is at the center of it's chest, and it wears a dark gray band around the stomach with a blue and white flame icon in the middle. A matching jetpack is on it's back. The tail flames are sky blue.

Robonyan F, being an upgraded version of Robonyan, has a very similar machine-like personality like him. As a difference, it should be said he is a bit boastful about his upgrades to the original Robonyan; however, he is level-headed enough to recognize the original's pros.

Robonyan F's abilities are very similar to Robonyan; however, him being an upgrade, his are further enhanced: for example, he can turn into a chocobar factory, and shoot powerful missiles capable of wiping out an island.


Robonyan F is an upgraded version of Robonyan from a further future. Although they end up in a competition about which model has the best schematics with Model F victorious, he commends the original Robonyan about his pros. Upon witnessing Robonyan F's sacrifice to save Earth from a meteor, Robonyan is inspired by him to the point to upgrade himself to be equal to him, much to surprise of Nathan Adams and Whisper.



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