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I'm not a sophisticated kind of guy. I couldn't think of one clever way to stop this guy, so I just trusted to mindless violence.
~ Robotman.
Do other super-teams lose members like the Doom Patrol? No. Of course not. If they did, nobody would get into the "hero" business.
~ Robotman on the group.
While these cats are messing around having a vacation...there's a whole universe out there that needs helping! And I plan on being the guy to do it!
~ Prime Earth Robotman.

Robotman (real name Clifford "Cliff" Steele) is a member of the Doom Patrol. He was once a thrill-seeking race car driver who's body was destroyed during a race, and his brain was saved by Dr. Niles Caulder. His brain was placed into a robot, and he decided to become a superhero and was recruited into the Doom Patrol. He is the only superhero to appear in every version of the team since he, and the team, were introduced together in June 1963.

He was created by the late Arnold Drake, the late Bob Haney, and the late Bruno Premiani, and first appeared in My Greatest Adventure #80 in June of 1963.

Robotman has appeared in numerous cartoon television shows and films. Robotman made his first live adaptation as a guest star on the Titans television series for the new DC streaming service played by Jake Michaels. He is part of the main cast of its spinoff Doom Patrol. Riley Shanahan took over from Michaels in the role. Brendan Fraser provides the voice of Robotman and portrays Cliff Steele in the series, who also played Rick O'Connell in The Mummy trilogy, George of the Jungle in the titular films, Stu Miley in Monkeybone, and D.J. Drake in Looney Tunes: Back in Action.



Clifford "Cliff" Steele was an international sports champion and race car driver, and was known to be an obsessive daredevil. Cliff engaged in every extreme sporting event he could, such as climbing mountains and water rafting, and later became involved in the NASCAR circuit in his career. He participated in the Indianapolis 500, and during the race, his car slid through an oil slick and toppled over. The car exploded immediately, and Cliff's body was destroyed in the car accident.

Becoming Robotman

Cliff's body was destroyed, and a surgeon named Dr. Niles Caulder volunteered to save to help and managed to save Cliff's brain. Dr. Caulder then transferred the brain into a cybernetic body, and Cliff became known as "Robotman", and went insane after realizing what he had become. Cliff went on a rampage until Caulder managed to calm him down, and offered him an operation to cure of this new lunacy. After the operation, Cliff was offered membership into the Doom Patrol, a team of superheroes alongside Elasti-Girl and Negative Man.

Prime Earth


On Prime Earth, Cliff was a lawyer and daredevil who agreed to be injected with experimental nanomachines that were designed to improve his body, but after being injured in a car crash, the nanomachines created a full robotic body for Cliff to protect his brain. Though distraught over his condition, Cliff came to terms with his condition and became a superhero, and was assisted by a woman named Maddy, who was involved in the nanomachine project. Cliff was recruited by Niles Caulder to join the Doom Patrol, and went on many adventures and battled Scissormen, the Candlemaker, and the Brotherhood of Dada. Cliff also became close friends with Dorothy Spinner, but after she went into a terminal coma, he was forced to make the call to cut off her life support, which affected him deeply.



Live Action

  • Brendan Fraser portrays Cliff Steele and voices Robot Man in Titans and Doom Patrol. Fraser famous played Rick O'Connell in The Mummy series. Jake Michaels portrayed the character in Titans as Riley Shanahan does motion capture in Doom Patrol.


  • Robotman has appeared in the two-part Teen Titans episode "Homecoming" voiced by Peter Onorati. He is shown as a member of the Doom Patrol along with overseer Mento, Elasti-Girl and Negative Man. It was revealed that he was the second Robotman in "Homecoming: Part 1", when Beast Boy called him "Cliff", referencing his real name. In the TT origins episode "Go" Beast Boy referred to Cyborg as "Robotman 2.0".



  • He has a collection of Dixieland recordings.
  • His original robotic body was created by Niles Caulder, and later had an alternate body, which was created by Will Magnus.
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