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Mebh! (Mebh: Robyn!) Something’s happened to me. (Mebh: Yeah, I can see that. I thought I’d fixed the bite. I thought you’d be fine. Oh, Mammy’s gonna kill me.) Well, my father will kill me. [Wolves sniff her butt] (Mebh: Hey! Calm down and give her room! [Wolves leaves] Anyway, sin é. That’s it. Now, I see you like this. It’s flipping great! I thought we were the last ones.) It’s great? I’m a Wolfwalker! (Mebh: I know! Mammy said this would be bad, like, never to bite anyone, but I love it! Is maith sin!) [Mebh ruffles her fur] It is bad. I’ll get killed like this. What about my body? (Mebh: It’s asleep. Nice and cozy. Look, you’re a wolf when you sleep, a girl when you’re awake. No big deal!) But the soldiers, and… and my father…(Mebh: Don’t worry about that. Learn how to be a wolf first. Come on. Why do you want to be a human? Being a wolf is way better. I’ll show you.)
~ Robyn after becoming a Wolfwalker.
(Bill: Robyn, what are you doing, girl?) The Lord Protector will have us in chains. He’s wrong, Father. All this is wrong. Don’t you see that? (Bill: Robyn, step aside. We must do what we’re told.) Why, Father? Why? (Bill: I’m afraid. I’m afraid.) Father? (Bill: I won’t be here to protect you forever. I’m so afraid that one day you will end up in a cage.) But I already am in a cage. [Free Móll out of her cage] I'm sorry father.
~ Robyn fixes her mistakes by freeing Móll from her cage after finally standing up to her father.

Robyn Goodfellowe is the main protagonist of the Irish/British animated movie Wolfwalkers. She is a young apprentice hunter of her own in the 17th century, Robyn once ventured into the woods of Kilkenny and crossed paths with a young girl named Mebh, a member of mysterious humans known as Wolfwalkers who have the power to transforms into a wolf in the sleep. Following this encounter, Robyn accidentally became a Wolfwalker and discovered, helped by her new friend, an entirely different existence, an existence threatened by humanity.

She is voiced by Honor Kneafsey.

Physical Appearance

As a human, Robyn is a young girl of twelve years sporting blonde hair and blue eyes.

As a wolf, Robyn has dark gray fur and is slightly smaller than an adult wolf. She keeps her blue eyes.


Rebel by nature, Robyn has always want to be a hunter despite her overly protective father wanted her to be only a maid, like all the little girls of this era. Yet Robyn stuck to her choice but had to hide it from his father, knowing he would never understand.

With her rebellious nature, Robyn is also very fiery, determined, sometimes fearful, kind and funny. At first she was afraid of wolves, saw them only as dangerous wild beasts and would not hesitate to shoot them if the opportunity presented itself but after her first meeting with Mebh, Robyn gradually let go of her fear and finished by becoming a friend of the wolves. On becoming a Wolfwalker, she was mostly afraid of being hunted by her father because of what she had become until with Mebh's help she quickly got used to her wolf form, tasting the pleasure of her new abilities and quickly integrated among the wolves, developing a new love for the wilderness in the process.

She has a very deep bond with Mebh. Initially the two girls only bickered after getting to know each other, Mebh nicknamed Robyn "Townie" for coming from town and Robyn was easily exasperated by Mebh's rowdy personality but they then got to know each other better, especially after Robyn became a Wolfwalker. Their friendship took a bad turn, however, when Robyn tried to dissuade Mebh from saving her mother to leave the forest with the pack, making Mebh feel betrayed. After freeing Móll and reuniting her with her daughter, Robyn sadly apologized to Mebh and seemed accepted if Mebh would never forgive her. In the end, Mebh forgave her, reestablishing their friendship and towards the end, the two seemed to have developed an even stronger sibling relationship.

After her reconciliation with Mebh, Robyn completely left behind her old life for her new life as a Wolfwalker and was ready to give her life to protect wolves and Wolfwalkers from human threat.

Power and Abilities

You don’t need your eyes to see. And you can hear every little thing that moves. And your paws can hear through the earth. And you have four legs now, so you can run really fast and jump so high!
~ Mebh describing Robyn's new faculties.
  • Tranfsomation : Being a Wolfwalker after Mebh bites her, Robyn can squeeze her soul out of her body and transform her into a wolf while she sleeps. If she is injured in her wolf form, her human shell will suffer the same injury.
  • Wolf's Vision and Smell : Robyn can see scent both by smell and sight.
  • Hearing : Robyn can hear noises and vibrations as well low as growling.
  • Enhanced Physiology : As a wolf, Robyn is easily stronger than her human counterpart and can run faster and higher. She also has sharp claws and fangs.
  • Magic : Robyn can use Wolfwalker magic to heal wounds and command some form of nature. If she bites someone, she will turn them into Wolfwalkers.


Shortly after moving to Kilkenny from England, Robyn practiced her crossbow with Merlin, her companion hawk until her father, Bill Goodfellowe the hunter, arrived and reminded his daughter that Lord Protector forbade the children to go in woods, and imposing other constraints that Robyn hates. Stubbornly, Robyn goes anyway into the forest with Merlin, discreetly observes her father set up traps for wolves and sharpens her skills as an apprentice hunter.

When the shepherds sound the alarm because of the wolf attack, Robyn sees a perfect opportunity and goes there. There, she tries to kill her first wolf but due to the agitation of the sheep and then being pushed around by one of them, Robyn accidentally shoots Merlin, injuring him in the wing. She tries to save him, only for a strange wild girl named Mebh to take the injured bird with her and send wolves to stop Robyn from going any further. Bill disembarks and repels the wolves while preventing his daughter from going to save Merlin whom he considers lost. Robyn is then scolded by Sean Og Woodcutter for being in the forest and provoking the Wolfwalkers, which Bill doesn't believe in any way. Sean continues to bawl until saying of the degradation on Oliver Cromwell alias Lord Protector who ironically arrives behind him and has him locked up for his words. Cromwell then orders two soldiers to bring Robyn back to town.

On the way back, Robyn learns from a captive Sean that Wolfwalkers are people who can talk to wolves and possess healing powers. Intrigued by this story, Robyn creates a diversion to return to the forest by opening the cage of Sean and his sheep.

Advancing cautiously through hostile terrain, Robyn happily finds a fully recovered Merlin. Her joy quickly gives way to fear as she sees a young brown wolf approaching her. Before she can shoot, Merlin strangely protects the wolf and steals the arrow. Now disarmed, Robyn fearfully steps back and takes a trap, leaving her hanging in the air by the ankle. Instead of attacking, the wolf comically attempts to free the human by cutting the rope but Robyn misinterprets her attentions and attacks her, resulting in the wolf accidentally biting her arm while severing the rope. Horrified by her injury and having a strange sight of the wolf passing to the girl she saw instead, Robyn becomes more stressed and frightened when the wolf gets too close. Although the wolf licks Robyn's bite out of guilt and then leaves with Merlin. Still in shock, Robyn runs after them, wanting to get Merlin back.

After having lost their tracks and blocked by a dead end of lianas, Robyn finds a falcon feather encrusted in the lianas which start to clear the way in contact with a form of magic coming out of Robyn. On the other side, she continues to advance despite the vegetation being against her and spots the two animals entering behind a waterfall. Robyn enters and then sees drawings painted on the walls of a cave. Arrived to the end where there is a sort of Hall with a sleeping woman, a sleeping Mebh and the wolf calling his fellows while humans sleep. Robyn narrowly avoids being noticed by the arriving Wolves and then sees the Wolf merged with Mebh, showing that they were the same person from the start. Mebh already knows Robyn is there and urges her to get out before the wolves surround the town girl. Robyn begs for her life, only for Mebh to confirm she is a Wolfwalker and only want a thank you for saving Robyn's life. Robyn doesn't see it that way because the Wolfwalker just bit her and attacked her but the red-haired girl claims to have just wanted to bring her down to the ground while Robyn kicked her for no reason, while stating that neither Robyn or any other town dweller has anything to do with ''her'' woods and calling Robyn ''Townie''. Mebh then begins to examine Robyn from all over, much to her discomfort and magically healing her bite before it's too late according to her. With the healing complete, Robyn realizes that Mebh also healed Merlin, which the Wolfwalker acknowledges annoyingly while demanding that she go. When Robyn doesn't leave after asking a prying question about the sleeping woman, Mebh warns her without really thinking it that she will send the wolves to eat her if she doesn't leave right away. Scared, Robyn flees towards the exit of the cave while Mebh beckons the wolves to pursue her for fake.

Pursued by the wolves without suspecting that it is a joke, Robyn is swinging in all directions while supporting the childishness of Mebh then getting caught in a rope. Mebh brings her down for a few moments before the young Wolfwalker senses Bill's presence next door and Robyn stops her from attacking her. After the hunter leaves and Mebh sends the wolves back to the cave, Robyn questions him again about the identity of the woman who is indeed Mebh's mother, while learning that the other wolves are not Wolfwalkers. Mebh then tries to get Robyn out of the forest by blindfolding him despite the ineffectiveness of this idea.

Along the way, the two girls end up teaming up to both retrieve Robyn's crossbow and steal the bread that Mebh loves. After that, the two girls start to bond by exchanging their personal stories like the difficulty of Robyn to integrate into her new home and Mebh not having heard from her mother since she left to look for a new home in wolf shape. At nightfall, Robyn promises his new friend to come back to see her tomorrow at the big tree with more breads.

Once home, Robyn first hides her little adventure from her father and then tries to tell him about it but he doesn't believe and only reaffirms his absurd need to keep his daughter out of danger. At nightfall, Robyn begins to have strange dreams. The next day, she goes to work at the castle where she is like attracting to a small room that the head maid prevents her from going. The next night, Robyn wakes up to find that she can see the scents of her surroundings before discovering that she has separated from her body and become a wolf. Awakened by the barking, Bill mistakenly mistakes Robyn for a wild beast and tries to bring him down, forcing Robyn to flee.

Running through the forest in complete panic, Robyn stumbles upon Mebh's scent, leading her to the waterfall where she accidentally crashes into Mebh in her wolf form, causing them to tumble to the bottom of the cave. With the two friends recognizing each other, Robyn continues to be upset by what just happened to him as Mebh takes a good stand since the Wolfwalkers were rare. Afterward, Mebh teaches Robyn how to use her new gifts and abilities, allowing Robyn to quickly appreciate her new form and have fun with the whole pack. Back out of the forest, Robyn expresses to Mebh that she is still afraid of what might happen to her as soon as she returns to town before offering to help her find Móll, which Mebh accepts and both friends split up after Robyn made a promise.

Jumping from rooftop to rooftop to her bedroom, Robyn suddenly smells another wolf scent heading towards Cromwell Castle. Intrigued, she goes there but is nearly shot by her father and the soldiers, only escaping them thanks to the window opening on the room to dry the clothes. Continuing to follow the scent, Robyn takes refuge in the small room as the soldiers approach where she discovers that the scent comes from a huge cage. She then approaches cautiously and meets a captive Móll quickly realizing that Robyn has become a Wolfwalker because of Mebh and worrying for her daughter's safety. Robyn tries to free Móll, but Móll urges her to leave and tell Mebh to stop looking for her and flee. Cromwell then enters the room and spots Robyn, forcing the young aspiring Wolfwalker to jump out the window, falling into the water in the process. Barely returning to her body, Robyn and her father are approached by the angry peasants and Cromwell for the presence of a wolf in town, which Bill was supposed to avoid. His father demoted to a simple infantryman in Cromwell's army, Robyn begins to be afraid of never seeing her father again and ends up deciding to remain reluctantly devoted to her duties, reneging on her promise to Mebh.

Time passes and Mebh finally comes to confront her at Lord Protector's castle for still not having come to the meeting point. Robyn tries to convince Mebh to run away with the pack by revealing that this is what Móll does but only manages to make Mebh feel betrayed, fracturing their friendship. While searching for Mebh in the street, Robyn ends up finding her when Cromwell presents a captive Moll to the crowd and prevents him from risking his life to save his mother by locking her in the wooden cage of street brats. Unfortunately, Mebh brutally escapes from the cage upon seeing her mother being mistreated and then swears that she will bring the whole pack to save Móll and devour all the citizens. His attempt at dominance over nature failed, Cromwell orders Bill to kill Móll, which Robyn tries to prevent but her is father refuses to believe the existence of the Wolfwalers and orders her to return. Finally realizing her mistakes, Robyn intervenes in front of Bill to prevent him from shooting Móll. His father still refusing to understand, Robyn resigns himself to abandon him and frees Móll.

Joining the pack at the entrance to the forest before the attack is launched, Móll reunites happily with her daughter then Robyn apologizes to her friend for what she did and Mebh eventually forgives her, rekindling their bond. Suddenly, Móll gets shot by Bill fearing for his daughter's safety. With her mother dying, Mebh only manages to transform her mother's wolf form back into a spirit seeking to reintegrate her body. Her father continuing to hold her back, Robyn ends up showing his what a Wolfwaker really is, once again abandoning his to join the pack.

Carrying Mebh on her back, Robyn follows Móll's spirit to the waterfalls where once returned to the human body, Móll begins to wither away from her injury. Cromwell and his men then launching an assault on the lair, Robyn go to hold them back while receiving help from the wolves. Using her human knowledge, Robyn and the Wolves skillfully defeat the soldiers until Mebh recalls the pack. Almost back to the cave, Robyn is caught in the explosion of a cannon fire and wakes up just in time to prevent another shot but is knocked unconscious in the much more violent explosion of the cannon. Hurt and unconscious, Robyn cannot do anything as Cromwell approaches her to finish her off. Eventually regaining consciousness with the cries of Merlyn, Robyn witnesses the fight of her father in wolf form (following the bite Móll inflicted on her earlier) and Cromwell. When Bill's human body nears being shot by the Lord Protector, Robyn reverts to her human form to shoot Cromwell's pistol with a crossbow. After Cromwell falls to his death, Robyn happily reunites with her father now a Wolfwalker too before joining Mebh and the pack. With Móll's condition turned critical, Robyn, the pack, and Bill combine their magic with Mebh's to successfully heal the Matriarch Wolfwalker. Robyn then sees Bill ashamed of his actions leaving and implores him to stay before Móll invites him to accept his new nature, which Bill accepts to the delight of Robyn who tells him that now they are in the same pack.

Some time later and far away from Kilkenny, Robyn falls asleep in the cart pulled by Bill and Móll, takes on her wolf form and sets out to explore her new home with Mebh also in wolf form and the pack, barking merrily on top of a hill at the end of the movie.


Robyn: Don’t kill me.
Mebh: Ha! I do what I like. Come here.
Robyn: You’re… You’re a...a…
Mebh: A Wolfwalker. So what? You should thank me.
Robyn: Why?
Mebh: I saved your life.
Robyn: Saved me? You bit me!
Mebh: Well, you kicked me in the gob enough times.
Robyn: Well, you were attacking me.
Mebh: I was trying to get you out of that trap. And anyway, you came into my woods.
Robyn: Your woods? They’re our woods. Your wolves are attacking the woodcutters and the sheep.
Mebh: They should be staying closer to the town and so should you, townie.Now give us a look at you. [Mebh pulls her cheeks to see her teeth] Are you seeing things?
Robyn: Ugh! Get off me!
Mebh: How’s your smell? [Mebh sniffs her underarms]
Robyn: Ugh! Stop it!
Mebh: Smells like townie. Any extra fur? [Mebh nibbles her hair]
Robyn: Ugh! That’s mine! Get away! [Pushes Mebh back from her hair and Mebh takes her bitten arm]
Mebh: Now, stop moving and let me fix it before it’s too late.
Robyn: Hey, get off me! [Withdraws his arm from Mebh]
Mebh: Will you stop? [Mebh takes her arm again]Let me fix it!
Robyn: Ugh! Fine.
~ The first real rowdy encounter between Robyn and Mebh.
Mebh: Well, fixed now. Never happened. Off you go.
Robyn: You did heal Merlyn.
Mebh: Yeah. I fixed you and your bird and saved your life. You’re welcome, townie. Bye!
Robyn: No, wait. Who’s that? Is she your… your mother?
Mebh: Ugh. You better go or the wolves will eat you.
Robyn: What? But I don’t…
Mebh: Oh, no. Too late. They’re gonna eat you!
Robyn: No!
~ Robyn after healing and before Mebh throws wolves after her for fake.
Is that your mummy back in the cave? (Mebh: Of course! Sure don’t I look like her?) And are any of the other wolves, uh, people too? (Mebh: No. Jeepers! Are you mad? How big do you think my family is?) I’m not supposed to be out here. Listen, I’ve got to get back. (Mebh: Great, I’m mad to get rid of you.)
~ Robyn to Mebh.
Mebh, I’m so sorry. I was only trying to keep you safe. Trying to help. I didn’t know what to do. I was… I’m sorry, Mebh. [Mebh exhale and hug her in forgiveness] (Mebh: Aw, come here to me, townie.) I’m not a townie anymore, Mebh. (Mebh: Thanks for helping Mammy.)
~ Robyn offers her sincere apologies to Mebh for what she do to her, restoring their friendship.
I’ll hold them off.
~ Robyn going to fight against the soldiers and Lord Protector while Mebh heals Móll.
We can drive them back. We are wolves! They have guns. A cannon. But don’t be afraid. They’re in our forest. Let’s go!
~ Robyn leads the wolves into the battle while Mebh tries to heal Móll.
Mebh: Come on!
Robyn: Race you!
~ Mebh and Robyn at the end of Wolfwalkers, as they happily explore their new home.



  • Although she is considered an apprentice hunter, this is not really true as she has take the title on her own.
  • One of the items Mebh takes out of Robyn's pockets is the Eye of Crom from Secret of Krells, another film by Tomm Moore.
  • The legendary figure she was based off was Robin Goodfellow.

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