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I'll tell you all something I've learned over the years with my friends. You can save the galaxy and take down scores. You can save millions of people by killing a few bad ones. You can do it all -- you just gotta tell yourself, and believe it when you say it -- "I'm the baddest mother @#$&#$% in the whole universe."
~ Rocket Raccoon.
Lemme get this straight! We cooked up two of the craziest heists that anybody ever pulled off, just so the Grandmaster could test the Collector to make sure nobody had put a whammy on him? I better get my money. And you guys better hope the Gardener wasn't the one that hurt Groot -- or you're not gonna have to be doing any guessin' about whose wastin' Cosmic Elderlies and whatnot. 'cause I'll mulch his old moldy ass.
~ Rocket Raccoon.
The Raccoon's the king of the beasts! Screw the lion.
~ Rocket Raccoon's victory quote in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3.

Rocket Raccoon is fictional character and superhero in the Marvel comics and universe, and is one of the main characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy comics.

He was an animal that was biologically modified by the Loonies, and Rocket became the partner of the Flora Colossus Groot and member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

He was created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema, and first appeared in Incredible Hulk # 271 in May of 1982.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is voiced by Bradley Cooper as Sean Gunn provides motion capture.



Rocket Raccoon was one of the many animals that was left on a planet in the Keystone Quadrant star system, which was stationed by the "Loonies" to treat patients. When funding was cut, they abandoned the project and separated the quadrant from the rest of the galaxy with a force field. The Loonies also created robots to provide servitude, and the animals were left to be companions for the patients. When a nearby star went nova, the robots seek to end their servitude, and used genetic engineering to give intelligence and awareness to the animals. After charging the animals with the patients' care and protection, they relocated to the far side of the planet.

The planet was scrapped bare through industrial endeavors, and the planet became known as "Halfworld", since the planet itself became half-industrial and half-verdant. The animals continued to care for the humans, and the robots provided toys, which played an important part in Halfworld society. When humans lapsed into melancholy, two otters formed the first toy factory, and it was later taken over by the mole Judson Jakes.

Guardians of the Galaxy

During the Phalanx invasion, Rocket met with Star-Lord and members of strike commando team to defeat the Phalanx - Groot, Mantis, Captain Universe, Deathcry and Bug. Rocket instantly formed a bond with Groot, and became known as the master tactician and heavy weapons expert of the group. The team later managed to fight against the Phalanx and its leader, Ultron, with the aid of Gamora, Drax the Destroyer and Adam Warlock. Afterward, Rocket joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, and proved to be essential in keeping the team together, especially when Star-Lord's leadership was questioned.

After Star-Lord's supposed death, the team disbanded and Rocket got a job as a mailman for Timely Incorporated. After receiving a package filled with the same killer toy clowns from Halfworld, Rocket quit his job and went looking for Groot. The duo met up and traveled to Halfworld, where they were immediately fired upon and Rocket's ship was destroyed. After regaining his memories of what happened on the planet and preventing Star Thief from merging with said planet, Rocket and Groot vowed to continue to keep the Guardians alive for Star-Lord.

Stopping Thanos

The Guardians followed Thanos to Earth, and arrived to offer help to the Avengers after they were attacked by Thanos and his Zodiac. The Guardians explained what Thanos was doing to get the Cosmic Cube, and both teams embarked on a journey to find Thanos. The teams fought against the Badoon, and after escaping a near-death experience, managed to defeat the enemies. The Guardians and Thor were apparently killed by Thanos, but in reality, the were sent to the Cancerverse where they found the Elders of the Universe.

In the Cancerverse, Iron Man found that Thanos' weapon wasn't a Cosmic Cube, and that it had defects. They bargained with the Collector in exchange for a weapon capable of deactivating the Cosmic Cube. Upon returning and with the help of the Avengers, Thanos was defeated and sent to punishment by the Elders. Due to Iron Man's help with defeating Thanos, Star-Lord personally offered him a spot on the team, and he gladly accepted.




  • He was named after The Beatles song, "Rocky Raccoon".



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