Sleep tight, Angel-Face, the Rock's on the case.
~ Rocky Rhodes

Rocky Rhodes, or simply known as Rocky, is the deuteragonist of Chicken Run and its upcoming sequel Chicken Run 2. He is the Rhode Island Red (though his coloring is more reminiscent of an american game fowl.) who is a flying American rooster and the helper of all hens. At the end, he becomes Ginger's husband. He is voiced by the legendary actor Mel Gibson.


Rocky has his first appearance after being shot out of a cannon, and then accidentally injures himself after flying too straight.As he is taken to Chicken Hut #17, his left wing is wrapped in a bandage, with a safety pin hooked on it. Rocky first wears a cape, that looks like an American flag, and then a blue bandana, with white polka dots on it. He saved Ginger from Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy's pie machine. Rocky came back to save Ginger from Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy. He rejoins Ginger and the other chickens and the two rats to escape the Tweedy farm in an airplane.


  • Rocky's name is a pun on the name of the ice cream flavor rocky road.


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