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Rocky is a Schnauzer/Scottish Terrier mix pup from the Nick, Jr. show: PAW Patrol. He is the recycler of the group, in which some of the recycling can be reused for certain missions.

In the Canadian and North American versions, Rocky was voiced by John Ralston's son St
Rocky (PAW Patrol)
uart throughout Season 1 and 2, until he was replaced by Samuel Faraci from Season 3 onwards. In the British version, he is voiced by Eric O'Carrol.


Rocky is a Schnauzer/Scottish Terrier mix pup with mostly gray fur, with the paws and tip of the tail and the fur tufts on his face being white, and orange-brown eyes. He has a black nose, one dark grey circle around his left eye and two on his back. In thie series, his right ear is folded. In Thunder Bay, he wears a green and white cap with a silver paw symbol (or PAW Patrol symbol) on the front, and sometimes glasses. In Adventure Bay, he wears it along with a green vest and a blue belt.


Being the recycling pup of the team, Rocky is very resourceful and reuses anything he can find to use in any given situation. However, he is sometimes clumsy in the movie, while in the series, he has a fear of water, but sometimes has to face this fear while on a mission, although never gets over it. He is good friends with Sammy, whom he is very affectionate towards.

Equipment and Abilities

Like all members of the PAW Patrol, Rocky has a pup tag that he can use to make calls to Ryder, the Lookout, and his fellow members. It can also be used to make video calls to other members.

Rocky's pup pack contains various tools, some of which include a screwdriver, a pincer, glue, adhesive tape, and a spatula.

His Mission PAW pup pack has a radar scanner.

His Sea Patrol pup pack contains a rescue buoy and a metal detector. When he's wearing his scuba gear, it contains a welding tool.

Rocky's vehicle, number 05, is a recycling truck in which he stores various items that can be helpful on missions. It also has two pallet loaders that can be used to load objects into the truck. In season 3, it was upgraded to be able to transform into a tugboat to be used on water-related missions.

As a member of the Sea Patrol, Rocky gets an amphibious vehicle, which also has an airlock that any pup can use to put on their scuba gear and provide assistance under the water.

Rocky uses the old items stored in his truck and not to build new things or repair broken objects. The pincer in his pup pack helps him with constructing and picking up things.

Much like the Lantern Corps, specifically the Green Lantern Corps, Rocky can create green energy constructs, mostly of tools, with his paws.

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