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Till all are one!
~ A phrase that Rodimus was especially fond of using in his speeches.

Rodimus, formerly known as Hot Rod, was a major character in IDW Publishing's Transformers series. As Hot Rod, he was a recurring character in the Autocracy Trilogy, the Transformers Ongoing series, and was the main protagonist of More Than Meets the Eye and Lost Light.


Hot Rod first came online in Nyon, 4.2 million years ago. As he recalled in Predestination: A Beginner's Guide, to him it was like "waking up". 


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The adventurer

Spotlight: Hot Rod



Maximum Dinobots

All Hail Megatron

Transformers Ongoing

Becoming Rodimus

More Than Meets the Eye

After the end of the War, as seen in The Death of Optimus Prime, with Cybertron reverted to a primordial state, Rodimus and the Autobots set up High Command, and were left dealing with the captured Decepticons and newly returned neutrals. When the Matrix was found hollowed out and empty, a starmap was found inside the shell. Rodimus and Drift reckoned that the map led to the Cyberutopia of the Knights of Cybertron. Despite Bumblebee and Prowl's objections, Rodimus believed that finding the Knights of Cybertron was the best hope for uniting their people. As he planned to pursue the map, Rodimus was given half of the Matrix by Orion Pax, formerly Optimus Prime, who left Cybertron in exile. As revealed in This Calamitous Life, Rodimus agreed to take Overlord aboard from Prowl, in an attempt to extract information. 

Season 1

Alongside Ultra Magnus, Rodimus made a speech to the Autobots to join him on the Lost Light to find the Knights of Cybertron. The next day, 208 bots joined the crew, and Rodimus tried to persuade Magnus that he was being too strict in judging the crew. During the launch, the Lost Light suffered a freak quantum engine accident, and was blasted halfway across the galaxy, and roughly 40 crew members were thrown into open space. Rodimus and the others touched down on the planet below, with Rodimus sad to see many bodies burning up in the atmosphere.

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Dark Cybertron


Do not go Gentle

Lost Light

The Functionist Universe

Vendetta against Getaway

The God War

Life after the Quest