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Roger is a Dino-bird that appears as a antagonist turned supporting protagonist of the 2016 computer-animated comedy by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky's 11th animated feature film, Ice Age: Collision Course. He is Gavin's son and henchman and Gertie's younger brother and partner in-crime.

He is voiced by Max Greenfield, who later played Eric Goldberg in the 2017 film The Glass Castle.


He first appears when he and his sister steal an egg from a mother Triceratops. Roger didn't think it was right, but his dad Gavin disagreed and scolded him. Buck happened to be nearby taking a shower and the family flew off. Buck jumped after them and tossed gases in Gavin and Gertie's faces. He then jumped on Roger, plucked a feather and tickled him to get him let go of the egg.

Personality & Appearance

Roger seems to be the smartest of his family. Unlike his father and his sister, he's caring and able to see reason. He is pure good character. He is much smaller than Gavin and Gertie.

Although he stole an egg along with his father and sister, he didn't think it was right to do that.

Roger is a blue Dino-bird who has blue scales, dark-light underbelly and red feathers. He has light brown orange eyes and great eyesight he gets from his mother. He has a slightly scuffed black beak. Unlike the other Dino-birds, Roger's body was rather skinny and lean, possibly due to him being the youngest.


Even through Roger is a pure good character, some people consider him as a villain, because he tried to help Gavin and Gertie with stealing eggs and killing Buck, but he isn't a villain for two reasons:

1. Stealing eggs is normal for dinosaurs, no one can arrest an animal for theft.

2. He hates doing wrong things, he hated when Gavin commanded him to kill Buck, he even made sense to his father and sister and redeemed them, and made that they help others to stop the asteroid.



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