Rogue H
Rogue was one of the characters that appeared in the video game, Valkyrie Crusade. She was a maiden who lost her home planet to the Galatic Empire, thus prompting her to start her quest for vengence against the empire. She makes her first appearance in Valkyrie Wars.


Early Life

Not much was known of Rogue's past, but she was a Maiden who was a squire who live in a rural town in her home planet, which was located near the Celestial Realm. She lives in her happy life as she was taken care and loved her family as she loved them in return.

However while she was playing alone in the forest nearby the town, she was suddenly alerted by the sudden attack of the Galatic Empire led by an Archwitch named Schwartz as the army attacked the town, Concerned of her family's safety, Rogue then rushed back as fast as she can to her family's home. However by the time she got there, she became devasted when she saw her house was destroyed by Schwartz

Valkyrie Wars


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