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Rokara is a protagonist of Hearthstone's Year of the Phoenix arc, debuting in the Forged in the Barrens expansion and being playable in the Book of Mercenaries adventure.

Rokara is an orc warrior who wished to serve the Horde, under the command of the orcish Warchief Garrosh Hellscream. She was sent to the Barrens alongside her mentor Bru'kan to train, where she met several other Horde travelers and learned many lessons, including what it truly means to be a part of the Horde.


Rokara originally hailed from Alterac Valley as part of the Frostwolf clan, where she was introduced to Warchief Garrosh Hellscream. He enlisted the troll shaman Bru'kan to teach her, and she passed her first trial. Afterward, Garrosh sent the two to the Barrens to train.

Throughout the journey, Bru'kan teaches Rokara a series of lessons, as they meet other adventurers travelling to the Barrens such as the kindhearted druid Guff Runetotem, sinister warlock Tamsin Roame and studious mage Varden Dawngrasp. They all encounter a mysterious troll named Kazakus, whom enlists their help to retrieve some shards for his use.

The Horde mercenaries recover a shard from a caravan defended by a mechanical golem, then confront the Alliance's General Twinbraid to ask them for the location of Feegly the Lost. He answers that he's in a mine, so the mercenaries confront Feegly and defeat him. Kazakus urges Rokara to kill Feegly, but Rokara refuses as he's too weak, so Kazakus shows up to kill him using a potion. Rokara confesses that there was no honor in that kill, but her loyal companions compliment her for showing honor. Kazakus tells her to return to Orgrimmar as he has what he needs.

The mercenaries all go their separate ways, with Rokara and Bru'kan returning to Orgrimmar. They are confronted with Garrosh, who is angry at Rokara for refusing to kill Feegly. As they spar, Garrosh says that warriors like Rokara are weak for showing mercy and he will cut all weakness from the Horde, while Rokara rebukes against him. After defeating Garrosh, he promotes her to a champion in his service, but Rokara tells Bru'kan how she disagrees with Garrosh's philosophy, instead believing that compassion is strength and mercy is honor, and she must follow her own principles and believe in herself. Finally, Bru'kan proudly tells Rokara that she has realized the final lesson.