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Roland Deschain is the main protagonist of the Dark Tower series and its movie. His alias is "the gunslinger" and he is last of an order of gunslingers.

He first appears in the first book The Gunslinger where he is hunting the Man in Black (Randall Flagg). He also made some friends along the way.

In the movie, he was portrayed by Idris Elba.


Roland is a man who hails from Mid-World, specifically Gilead in the barony of New Canaan. He became a gunslinger at the age of fourteen after defeating his teacher, Cortland Andrus, in combat (his weapon of choice being David the hawk). He is the last known living descendant of Arthur Eld, the legendary king of All-World and his world's analogue of King Arthur, and is therefore sworn to protect the Dark Tower. He seeks the Tower and will stop at nothing to reach it.


Roland is often dry and unemotive, can be callously straight with the other members of his ka-tet, will do literally whatever it takes to learn more about and reach the Dark Tower (even if that means having to sacrifice a member of his ka-tet), and will kill anyone or anything he needs to in order to continue his quest, whether that be man, woman, adult, child or animal.

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