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Rollodons are a species of wild Dinotrux that are basically uncontrollable as the only word they can speak is "Roll" and can flatten anything in their path. However, they can be mundanely controlled as they are afraid of Tools. They are half steamroller and half Centrosaurus. A group of Rollodons. Biology

Physical Description Rollodons are quadrupedal Dinotrux that move around on two wheeled feet and the front feet attached together to a rolling pin, a single nose horn, short frill, short tails, short bodies, elongated heads and square mouths. Their tails have attachments that allow them to paint lines on the ground.

Behavior They are wild, rowdy and stubborn Trux with the simple purpose to "roll" over anything to find ore and making rocky terrains smooth traveling easier. For some reason they find Tools frightening to them, leading to avoid at all cost. In Season 3 Episode 1 "Slide", Rollodons can help other Dinotrux with construction work if involved rolling over things or give them a safe way travel from Scraptors. Rollodons help build the bridge

Trivia/Notes: In Season 3 Episode 1 "Slide", Ty Rux successfully convinced a herd of Rollodons to help build a slide bridge with the other Dinotrux. When the Rollodons say only one word "roll" is similar reference to a Marvel character Groot who says only "I am Groot".


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