Romeo Montague is one of the two titular protagonists in the well-known play and its adaptations Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo is born to a noble family of House Montague, the arch-rivals of the House Capulet, he was originally in love with a girl named Rosaline who didn't love him back and later fell in love with Juliet, a girl from the House Capulet who he secretly married despite the differences of their households. After killing Tybalt in a duel for revenge from the death of his friend, he was banished from Verona and hoped to see Juliet again who was supposed to marry Paris, unbeknownst to the Capulets she was already married. After hearing rumors Juliet was dead, he killed himself after seeing her as she later woke up and killed herself. He is the son of Lord Montague and Lady Montague.

Personality and Traits

Romeo was handsome, lovesick, sensitive, smart, and brave. At the beginning of the play, Romeo was upset and moody because Rosaline, the girl he was in love with did not love him back. Romeo was moody always and said he hopes his eyes would burn if he saw a girl prettier than Rosaline. Romeo eventually went to a masked ball hosted by Lord Capulet and fell in love with a girl named Juliet, the daughter of Lord Capulet. Since the Montagues and Capulets were rival households, Romeo was not supposed to be in love with Juliet and they fell in love but kept it a secret. Romeo and Juliet married later in the book. Romeo shows he is brave because when Tybalt, a talented swordsman from House Capulet and a cousin of Juliet killed Mercutio; a loyal friend to Romeo. Romeo despite facing a better fighter than him was able to defeat Tybalt because he was angry and brave to face such a dangerous opponent. After this, the Prince banished Romeo from Verona, since all he wanted was to be with Juliet he planned to run away with her. Juliet was planned to marry Paris, a cousin of the Prince and rich nobleman. To avoid this, Juliet planned to fake her death. After hearing Juliet died, Romeo went to find her and faced Paris in a duel and killed him before killing himself and Juliet woke up from her coma and killed herself after.


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