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Ron (full name RONB1NT5CAT5C0, pronounced "Ronbinscatsco") is the titular deuteragonist of 20th Century Studios and Locksmith Animation's 2021 computer-animated film, Ron's Gone Wrong. He is a B-bot who befriends Barney Pudowski.

He is voiced by Zack Galifianakis, who also voiced Mr. Link in Missing Link and Humpty Alexander Dumpty in Puss in Boots.


Ron is a plain, pill-shaped, white Bubble-Bot (specifically a Bubble Generation One variant) with two black oval eyes and a 2D-animated mouth. He occasionally wears a red beanie hat.


Due to an error in his programming, Ron is very stubborn, naive, and lacking in several key features most B-Bots normally have. Despite this, his main goal is still to become the best friend of his user; in his case, Barney. Despite Barney's initial reluctance towards Ron, in addition to Ron burning Barney's inhalers and underwear in an attempt to learn more about him, the two eventually start to grow on each other after Ron attacks a group of bullies after they antagonize him. He is even shown to be selfless at times, sacrificing himself so that all B-Bots could share his personality, despite it being heavily implied that doing so killed him.

However, in spite of Ron's good nature, his gullibility can also be a source of conflict between him and Barney, such as when he gets Barney suspended from school after starting a party that later leads to chaos. Ron is still shown to be very loyal to Barney, even when he isn't happy, as he still returned to his home after the two argued, and even coming with him to the forest to support him.


After Barney Pudowski received a B-Bot as a late birthday present from his father Graham and his grandmother Donka, Barney observes Ron who is suddenly activated, and upon seeing Ron glitching, it is figured out that Ron's glitchy algorithm can only recognize people with the letter "A" to which Barney offers him to download names on Ron's algorithm in which he explains to Barney that he needs a Wi-Fi connection from the Bubble company to help him download more names other than those beginning with "A". Throughout Barney's life, Ron still keeps calling Barney "Absalom", even after his battery is recharged. After Barney returns home, Ron constantly dances with Donka in his family room's kitchen to traditional music from her Bulgarian heritage, much to Barney's worry that there is something wrong with Ron to which Donka suggests to Barney that he should take Ron outside to look at the world around him.

As Barney takes Ron outside to show him a trio of three teenagers, Rich Belcher, Alex, and Jayden, they tell Barney to do something funny, to which Ron does the dance that Donka does at home, causing Rich to hit Ron in annoyance. Ron also attacks Rich's gang in retaliation, after which he and Barney escape. Later, on the side of a hill, Barney explains that despite enjoying what happened, he also explains that B-Bots like Ron should not hit anyone just like he did with Rich Belcher since they have mega safety controls, in which Ron denies due to the setting not uploaded on his algorithm and as Barney's family takes Ron to the Bubble store due to a policeman who found Ron being an uncontrollable and dangerous B-bot. Bree, one of the employees, explains that B-Bots can't act violent to humans, and that Ron doesn't have a registered owner. The officer threatens to have Ron crushed, so Barney and Ron try to escape, but are eventually caught. Despite this, a fake B-Bot is placed in the crushing machine, and Barney takes Ron home with him. Meanwhile, at the Bubble HQ, Andrew Morris sees footage of what Ron was doing due to the glitches he had earlier, just as Andrew explains to Marc that Ron would cause more havoc if he is not destroyed.

Back at Barney's house, Barney privately talks with Ron about how to be his friend during a montage of trying to make Ron study Barney's likes and dislikes, Ron slowly starts to understand Barney's interests. Later at a nearby hill behind the tower of the Bubble company, Barney sees Ron rolling down the hill into Savannah Meades' house, to which Savannah confuses him for a snake, and upon seeing Barney and Ron at the pool, Savannah finds Ron as an unusual B-Bot to her and when Barney explains that Ron could not make friends. Savannah's B-Bot then shows Ron some of Savannah's interests consisting of her likes just before Barney leaves with Ron to return home. Back at the Bubble company, Andrew tells the GPS to search for Ron as seen on Bubble's network just as Andrew threatens to track down Ron and have him crushed, to which one of the techs explains that they could not find any info from Barney's B-Bot. Marc then explains to Andrew that he never programmed B-Bots to laugh, telling Andrew to get a hold of it.

The next day at the streets of Nonsuch, Ron tells the citizens to follow Barney's interests and tells him how to make friends with Barney and later at school, Ron shows up at the B-Bot section just as Ron places stickers on the B-Bots to make friends with Barney just as Ron explains to Barney that he will make friends at recess, much to Barney's worry that it would cause a disaster at school. However, Mr. Cleaver, the school coach, tells Barney to go to the principal's office for causing trouble. Suddenly, when Rich and his friends observe Ron's glitching, he causes everyone else's B-Bots to have their parental safety features disabled, causing the B-Bots to wreak havoc at school and causing Barney to be suspended. Following the incident at school, Barney tells Ron off for his actions, to which Ron leaves Barney just as he returns to his house at Oak Hill Drive. Back at the shack, Ron explains to Barney that he will return himself to the B-Bot facility, to which Barney denies, explaining that Ron will be his friend forever. Suddenly, Bree and Graham begin knocking on the shack as Bree threatens to destroy Ron and fix his glitch, only to find out that Ron and Barney escaped into the Pudowski family's chicken cage just before Graham studies Ron sharing Barney's interests. As they escape, Ron and Barney are chased by a group of Bubble employees who are attempting to destroy Ron, and upon passing by Savannah's house, he and Ron discover a video humiliating Savannah. They later go into the woods and play with each other.

Later that night, while in a treehouse, Ron shows Barney that he remembers the interests he shared with and as Barney asks him to know if he has any stories to share, to which Ron explains that he will create a story from his available data because Ron can only create stories that begin with the letter "A" so he creates one called "The Awesome Adventures of Absalom and Addis Ababa and His Android, Alan". After Ron shares the story he made for Barney, the two spend their friendship during a quiet night in the forest together.

The next day, Ron and his companion Barney walk into the woods to which it suddenly starts to rain to which as Barney plans to make a campfire, Ron explains that he has 12% battery remaining in his system, to which Barney warns him that if he returns to the Bubble Store, he'll be destroyed. Later that night, Ron has 5% battery remaining in his system just as Barney tells Ron to be in sleep mode to avoid battery draining to which as soon as he does so, Barney remembers the moment his mother passed away, and while talking about it, Ron's battery dies. Later, at the Bubble company, Andrew then starts a plan to find Ron and take care of him, so Marc Wendell and a fellow pilot plan to go to the woods to find Ron and Barney and make sure they are safe. Back at the woods, Barney is carrying Ron and upon seeing red security lights from a distance established by Andrew at the Bubble company, it is revealed that these lights are coming from security-powered B-Bots who are attempting to capture Ron and Barney back at Bubble HQ, Andrew finds no results of Barney's B-Bot and decides to search the town just as the B-Bots that attempt to capture Ron retreat.

The next day, Ron carries Barney across the woods just as he approaches the Nonsuch Middle School while as Rich, Alex, Jayden, Savannah, and Ava approach Barney. Due to his asthma, Graham, Donka, Marc, and a group of officers and medics arrive and take him to the hospital. At the hospital, Marc enters Barney's room as he is revealed to have fixed Ron, and also explains that he backed Ron up into a cloud-saving system before he attempts to log in to the CEO account to help give Ron his original programming. This doesn't work, however, due to Marc being fired from the Bubble company. Barney then devises a plan for his parents alongside Marc to take Ron into the cloud storage area where Ron would be fixed, to which Marc warns Barney that the cloud area is in a concrete fortress half a mile below Bubble where there are dozens of servers in it. Despite this, Barney, Marc, and his family go through with the plan anyway.

After evading Bubble HQ security and making it to the cloud area, Barney loses faith himself inside the cloud area and upon seeing a small glow, he finds a Bubble HDD hard drive (which was Ron's original data) just as Marc finally gets access to the cloud area so that he can continue fixing Ron, and as Barney puts in the hard drive and finally finds out that the reason why Ron was glitching at first was because he did not have Marc's algorithm, and upon seeing part of Ron's code shared with Barney in the past few days, Ron and Barney become enthusiastic thanks to Barney's optimism and confidence. Since Barney's friends are unhappy with how their lives are with their respective B-Bots, Barney plans to upgrade all the remaining B-Bots to be like Ron, although this would deprogram him in the process. Barney then shares his final moments with Ron just before he is uploaded into the cloud and overwrites the B-Bots' programming. After this, Andrew steps down his position as Bubble CEO, returning the position to Marc.

Three months later, all the B-Bots are updated with Ron's code at Bubble HQ. Despite no longer having a B-Bot, Barney is still living a happy life with the friends he made. As the film ends, Ron's face is shown on the Bubble tower, implying that he could still be alive.


Durability - As shown when Ron fights local bully Rich Belcher, Ron's body seems to be very durable, as Rich hurts his foot in trying to kick the B-Bot.

Physical strength - Also displayed during Ron's fight with Rich Belcher, as Ron can shove and hit both Rich's gang and later a police officer very hard as a result of his programming.

Resourcefulness - Since the main goal of a B-Bot is to be best friends with their user, Ron is shown to be very loyal and protective towards Barney, listening to whatever the boy tells him and becoming interested in a lot of his hobbies.

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