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General Ronin

General Ronin is the tritagonist of the film, Epic. He is the strict and serious leader of the Leafmen and prepares for battle against the evil Mandrake and his evil forces. Throughout the film, he is shown to have a crush on Queen Tara and got really sad when she got killed by Dagda. He had to take care of Nod since his father is a very good friend of his, and died during a Boggan battle. At the end, Ronin becomes more of a fun-loving character and is very friendly now to Mub and Grub.

After the death of Nod's father, Ronin become his mentor and looks out for Nod where-ever he can. Nod realise that Ronin plays an important part in his life at the end of the movie.

Ronin is a strong minded and a very brave warrior, he will fight and even sacrefice himself to save the world.

Ronin is voiced by Colin Farrell, who also played Holt Farrier.


Ronin used to be strict and serious throughout the movie, until the end when the spirit of Queen Tarra showed up, he now is a very happy character and shows his emotion.


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