Rood is originally one of the Seven Sages of Team Plasma until the faction splits with him and the others being on the side of good and the other members being on the side of evil.


In Pokémon Black and White, Rood is encountered along with Ghetsis, Bronius and several Team Plasma Grunts at Team Plasma's hideout in Castelia City. He leaves the building shortly after the arrival of the player. He later appears with all the other sages at N's Castle, blocking the player's way to N. However, the Unova Gym Leaders appear and clear the way to N. After Ghetsis has been defeated, Rood can be found on Route 18, where he gives the player TM32 (Double Team) and is arrested by Looker

In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, Rood is encountered living with Anthea, Concordia and several Grunts in the original Team Plasma's safehouse in Driftveil City. After losing in a battle with the player, he gives the player N's Zorua. Shortly afterwards, he appears on Route 6 after the player has encountered Cobalion. Later, he appears leading the members of the original Team Plasma against Ghetsis's new Team Plasma at the Giant Chasm, occupying their forces to allow the player to reach Ghetsis himself.


  • Due to being a redeemed villain, he is not really a hero, but more like an anti-hero and a supporting character once he turned on the good side and against Ghetsis.
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