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The Rookie is the playable protagonist of the League of Legends story event, Rise of the Sentinels. They are not playable in the actual game, instead appearing in the client's interactive event where the player is allowed to select the Rookie's dialogue. They are a novice Sentinel of Light who joins Lucian and Senna in their quest to stop Viego, the Ruined King after his awakening. While the Rookie is initially disliked, they prove to be a valuable ally during their quest.


Before Lucian and Senna arrived at the Sentinel base, a disaster hit killing most of the sentinels except the inexperienced Rookie. They are both disappointed that the Rookie was the only one that survived, but they were all besieged by wraiths. Suddenly, Gwen fought off the wraiths using her scissors and joined the Sentinels. When even more wraiths came, Gwen hid them all in Hallowed Mist, allowing them to safely return to their base. Inside, they received a message from a Sentinel from the Buhru tribe, whom told them that the Rookie's gun was called the Wayfinder and it could teleport people across the Sentinel bases across Runeterra. Lucian wanted Rookie to give him the gun so they could abandon them, but the Buhru sentinel told them that the Wayfinder was bound to the Rookie so they had to use it, so Lucian and Senna reluctantly let the Rookie come with them.

They first went to Demacia, which was being attacked by the Ruined King's army, where they encountered monster hunter Shauna Vayne. She told them that the Black Mist was attracted to the Mageseekers' compound, so they went there. They encountered Shyvana, whom had been imprisoned by the Mageseekers and turned against the kingdom that she swore loyalty to only to betray her in return. As she attacked them under Viego's possession, they were trapped under buried rubble but freed by Gwen. They eventually encounter Viego himself, who tells them that his queen Isolde had her soul split into fetters scattered all over Runeterra and he wants to collect all of them to revive her. He notices that a fragment of Isolde's soul was still within Senna, but she resisted her husband's grasp. Gwen hid Senna in the Black Mist, angering her as she lost her chance to stop Viego. Lucian told Senna that what Gwen did was necessary, leaving the Rookie to pick sides. When they exit, they are confronted by Ruined Shyvana in her dragon form, but she was defeated with the Sentinels' combined efforts. After Senna stopped Vayne from delivering the final blow, Vayne decided to join the Sentinels because her silver bolts did nothing to the wraiths. Since joining, Vayne began to act particularly cutting towards the Rookie, but cares about them deep down.


The Rookie is a young trainee whom starts off inexperienced, much to the annoyance of the veterans, but later develop into a valuable and heroic ally whom helps the Sentinels succeed. When selecting their dialogue, the Rookie has the option to either focus on the mission at hand, or make a comical or snarky reply, causing the champions to yell at the Rookie.


  • The Rookie plays a similar role to the unnamed protagonist of the Spirit Blossom event, set in a first-person view and interacting with champions. However, the latter is associated a non-canon skin line (in which the champions only represent myths from Ionia), while the Rookie interacts with the canonical characters.
  • The Rookie's canonicity is debatable, as while they appear in a canonical story, all other media depicting said story show the champions with Rookie being completely unseen, due to Rookie only serving as the eyepiece of the story for the player.
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