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Rosita "Rosa" Casagrande is one of the main characters of The Casagrandes. She is the maternal grandmother of Ronnie Anne and Bobby Santiago, the mother of Maria Santiago and Carlos Casagrande, the paternal grandmother of Carlota, CJ, Carlino, and Carlitos Casagrande, and the wife of Hector Casagrande. She is a big fat old Mexican lady who likes to cook food and throw shoes at people.

She is voiced by Sonia Manzano.


The Loud House

In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", Rosa made a bunch of food for Maria, Bobby, and Ronnie Anne Santiago when they came over to visit and gave them a very nice place to visit. She also lit a bunch of scented candles and sage herbs to ward off evil spirits. She also offered ever so kindly to have The Santiagos live with her forever. She also stuck her slobbery finger in Lincoln Loud's belly button to cure his tummy ache.

In "The Spies Who Loved Me", Rosa spied on Ronnie Anne with a camera chip just to make sure she was okay. She also went to an abandoned building to save her, only to get herself swarmed by a plague of filthy rats.

In "The Loudest Thanksgiving", Rosa made a bunch of Thanksgiving food for Lori to make her stay with her family for Thanksgiving.

Los Casagrandes

In "Friended!", Rosa kept up an apartment building for sale to give it to some customers. She took time off her busy job to help Carlino when he was faking sick.

In "Store Wars", Rosa gave out free samples at the bodega and even powered through a night of sheer sleepiness so that their store could compete with the Hi 'N' Buy across the street.

In "The Horror-Scope", Rosa tried to help Ronnie Anne find love with Lincoln and failed.

In "Stress Test", Rosa tried to train Bobby for the test and failed.

In "Away Game", Rosa did a bunch of stupid things to try and act cool for Ronnie Anne and Bobby, hoping they would still love her and not ditch her for Arturo. Granted, she ended up sabotaging Arturo's family and destroying his house but it was all in good intent, sort of.

In "Grandparent Trap", Rosa saved Hector from a ninja attack by throwing her shoe at the ninja.

In "Cursed!", Rosa kept everybody inside the building and refused to let anyone leave the house because she was afraid they'd get some bad luck. She went way overboard with this but it was clear she meant well.


Rosa Casagrande is a big fat Mexican lady, who loves cooking food for people. She always whips up massive meals for people in seconds, even when all they asked for is just a tiny little snack. She loves making all kinds of dishes and as seen in "Snack Pact", she gets really mad when people eat food that isn't hers. She also does a good job at keeping house, cleaning the floors and windows and such. However, she has to deal with Hector being a big lazy bum and getting in her way. She and Hector bicker and spar a lot because of her competence and his incompetence but as proven in "Grandparent Trap", this is just lover's quarrel and they do truly love each other at the end of the day. After all, as of the events of "Power Play", they had been married for 40 years. Rosa is very superstitious and fears irrational nonsense like bad luck and curses, so she always lights scented candles and sage herbs and uses soul crystals to ward off any alleged evil spirits. She gets these irrational fears from watching Ernesto Estrella, a spiritual magician dude on TV, who paranoids people with this made up, phoney balonga. Her weapon of choice is her shoes. She will often throw shoes at anyone who threatens her life or her family or any of her kids, who misbehave, mainly Carlino.


  • Rosa is based off of Chris Savino's previous character, "Mama Mia", from a failed pilot he made back in 2000 for a show called "Foe Paws", as you can see here.
  • She is the Casagrande counterpart of Lynn Loud Sr..


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