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Isn't it remarkable, Steven? This world is full of so many possibilities. Each living thing has an entirely unique experience. The sights they see, the sounds they hear. The lives they live are so complicated... a-and so simple. I can't wait for you to join them. Steven, we can't both exist. I'm going to become half of you. And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that's me, loving you and loving being you. Because you're going to be something extraordinary. You're going to be a human being.
~ Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz, formerly known as Pink Diamond, is the posthumous overarching protagonist of Steven Universe and the postumous overarching antagonist of steven universe : the movie and steven universe future.

She is the mother of Steven and the founder and former leader of the Crystal Gems. She was also the Gem who according to Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and Eyeball shattered Pink Diamond, unaware that she actually is Pink Diamond. According to Greg, she has given her physical form up in order to give birth to Steven, while passing her gem onto Steven as well. Rose's appearance dominates the fusion Gem carved into the Crystal Temple.

She was voiced by Susan Egan who was best known for voicing Megara.



Rose Quartz had very long, and curly pink hair styled in thick, tube-like ringlets. She also had defined lips with a pale pink color, bright-peach skin, and a taller and heavier build than the other Crystal Gems, due to being a quartz. In "Story for Steven", she was shown to be similar in height to Garnet and stood at eight feet. In "Lion 3: Straight to Video", she was shown to have had black eyes. Rose wore a strapless, floor-length, lilac and snow trimmed, tiered white and in some appearances a white and pink dress that had multiple layers which resembled the petals of a rose and had a star-shaped cutout in the navel area showing her gem. She was also barefoot.

Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond had pink skin, magenta eyes with diamond-shaped pupils, and shoulder-length yet large, fluffy pale pink hair. She also appeared to wear lipstick. Her physical form's projection was smaller than the other Diamonds, but she still towered over lower-ranking Gems. Her gemstone was located on her navel and displayed in a large pentagon-shaped opening, being an inverted-side view of a round-cut diamond.

Pink Diamond wore a rose-burgundy top which was cropped in the middle to reveal her midriff and gem with large puffy pink-and-white shoulder pads and rose gloves. She also wore a small pink and white skirt, short puffy rose-pink pants, white stockings and a pair of pink slippers with white pom poms floating over each of them.

Regeneration (Debut)

As stated by Steven in "Now We're Only Falling Apart", Pink Diamond reformed permanently as Rose Quartz after she was poofed during her fake shattering making Rose her true "default" form. This was reiterated in "Change Your Mind" when after White Diamond removed Steven's Gem it cycled through Pink Diamonds form then Rose Quartz before forming into Pink Steven. This also shows that Pink Diamond has only regenerated once in all her existence.



A natural leader, Rose Quartz is indicated to have had a caring and loving personality. According to Bismuth, Rose was an atypical kind of Gem; rather than living in accordance to her Gem caste's values, Rose chose to be different and encouraged other Gems to be, too. Her doctrine was that Gems can take control of their own identities and that her race's limited display of individuality is a conviction forced upon them. In the same manner, Rose had shown displeasure towards the Gems' traditions and natures; in "Greg the Babysitter", she got somber when reflecting on Gems' static existences, and in "Story for Steven" she admitted that she never missed her home. This discontent sparked her interest in humans, who are always changing and redefining themselves.

In "An Indirect Kiss", she is described as feeling great sorrow when her loved ones were hurt. Her capacity for empathy led her to establish the Rebellion and the Crystal Gems, and extended even to her enemies; as documented in "Bismuth", Rose values her enemies' lives just as much as her allies'. She is also said to see beauty in everything "no matter how gross", showing that she treats everyone as equals. In "The Return", it is revealed by Jasper that Rose Quartz was a masterful tactician, a crucial skill that earned her renown. Despite her role, in "Story for Steven", she was seen to have (at least to the knowledge of the Crystal Gems and Greg) a personality greatly resembling that of her son. Rose showed some ambivalence toward her role in the war; when Greg says he knew little about her, she described this as "a good thing." She is described by Pearl and Greg as someone who "always did what she wanted".

Mom saw the beauty in everything! She really loved humans and all human stuff, and also plants and animals and everything on Earth, I think. And she really loved music, and she really loved Dad.
~ Steven, Guide to the Crystal Gems (Steven Universe)

Rose did not fully comprehend the depths of human love in the early stages of her relationship with Greg, seeing that she was very confused when Greg tried to explain the concept of genuine affection. This led Pearl to believe initially that there was not much between Greg and Rose, confronting him with the idea that their "love" was only a phase, and that Greg's novelty would soon wear off. Seeing Rainbow Quartz gave Greg the idea to fuse with Rose, which he had hoped would help them understand each other. When Greg's fusion attempt failed, Rose started laughing at the thought in a way that he considered to be emotionally distant. When asked to talk like a real person, Rose was quick to admit that her sense of love was a facade, and she had no idea how human love worked. Greg and Rose began to talk, deepening their relationship. After their talk, it can be assumed that she had learned from Greg how to be more 'human', in a sense.

As revealed in "Greg the Babysitter" Rose had not just a misunderstanding of human love, but a misunderstanding of humans in general, going so far to think babies and adults were separate species altogether. Upon learning this, she became fascinated with the fact that humans grow, change, and chose what they become, where Gems are pre-destined to be whom they are. It could also be seen that she treats babies and adults the same motherly way, ironic given that she originally believed them to be separate species.

There is another unexplored side of Rose's personality - the legends surrounding her paint her as a ruthlessly efficient warrior and leader of the Crystal Gems who not only commands her fellow Gems in the rebellion but also participates in the fighting and who shattered Pink Diamond. This side of her personality seems at odds with the all-loving, motherly side of her; reflecting perhaps how the beauty of Earth and its lifeforms greatly affected the stern Gem warrior. It is worth noting that it is her compassion that leads her to rebel to protect others, so this behavior is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. In "The Answer", Rose is shown fighting alongside Pearl. She cracks a cocky smile before destroying a Ruby fusion. This would suggest an aggressive side to Rose's personality, which makes sense in light of her Gem type, a quartz. As implied in "Bismuth" however, Rose's nature as a warrior during the war was tempered by a strong sense of righteousness, as she refuses to go to the extent of needlessly killing Gems to win the war against the Gem Homeworld, proving her love for life was stronger than her warrior instincts.

"Bismuth" highlights both her compassionate nature and her capacity for deception in the form of Bismuth. Rose poofed and bubbled Bismuth and did not tell Pearl and Garnet the truth about what happened to her but did it due to Bismuth's development of the Breaking Point and her intentions to use the weapon mercilessly against their enemies during the war. Further examples of her secretive side are shown in "Rose's Scabbard", when Pearl learns Rose did not confide everything to her. Pearl knew nothing of Lion, nor the fact that Rose kept meaningful things in his mane, including Bismuth's bubbled gem. Though speculation in "The Trial" and other supporting evidence suggests that Pink Diamond was shattered by someone else, Rose made sure that history would remember her as being the one responsible. The podcast states that Rose is a "gray" character, who poofed Bismuth for not aligning with her own philosophy as proof to show that Rose did not represent "all things pure."[1]

Rebecca Sugar states in the podcast that Rose protected Amethyst from having to know troubling truths related to Homeworld; she sheltered her from knowing the full truth of her origin and therefore she was not free to build on that aspect of her identity. Both the advantages of freedom and the disadvantages of lack of structure manifested in her. Rose did not want Amethyst to have the restrictions of the Gem society they rejected, but that meant Amethyst did not have the chance to rebel against or choose to follow anything associated with them.[2] [Matt Burnett and Ben Levin state that the Crystal Gems had planned to not inform Steven about certain things "for his own good" and out of respect to Rose's wishes.[3] These actions support the idea that Rose's tendency to withhold or hide information may stem from a desire to protect those close to her.

Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond appeared to have acted very much like a spoiled child when around. According to Stevonnie's "Diamond Dream", Pink would frequently demand that Yellow Diamond give her a colony and armies to command and be treated as if she were important like the other Diamonds. Pink was also very short-tempered as when Yellow told her to act like she was important, she responded by punching a part of the windowed dome that was on top of the moon base.

However, as it turns out, she came to care for life on Earth and faked her shattering to become Rose Quartz, showing that she was actually kind and caring. As Rose Quartz, she was a very kind individual who earned the love, respect, and adoration of many of her fellow Crystal Gems. However, she imprisoned Bismuth, one of her fellow Crystal Gems, when she discovered her new invention and Bismuth's desire to shatter all enemy gems and lied to the rest of the Crystal Gems about her fate.

She believed the other Diamonds never cared for her at all because despite her multiple attempts to get them to leave Earth, they never listened to her. So she had Pearl keep the secret that she was Rose Quartz all along, showing her slightly more insensitive side and her inability to see the love her fellow Diamonds had for her and the pain she caused when she faked her death.


Rose with her sword and shield.


Rose possessed standard Gem abilities, including shapeshifting, weapon-summoning, fusion, bubbling, regeneration, and superhuman strength/durability. She was proficient in both combat as well as military command and strategy, being able to lead the Crystal Gems from the front-lines in a successful rebellion against their Homeworld. As she is not truly a Rose Quartz, she possesses unique abilities those Gems do not have.


  • When fused with Pearl, they form Rainbow Quartz.
  • When fused with Ruby, Sapphire (or Garnet), Amethyst, and Pearl, they form Obsidian.
  • When fused with Amethyst (via Steven), they form Smoky Quartz.
  • When fused with Ruby and Sapphire (or Garnet), they would form a Sunstone.

Natural Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Being a Diamond in disguise, Rose had an immense amount of strength. In "Greg the Babysitter", she destroyed the control panel to a Ferris wheel with a single punch. She was then able to stop the malfunctioning Ferris wheel, and ripped off one of the seats with her bare hands.
  • Enhanced Reflexes/Speed: Despite her size, Rose was extremely fast and agile. She destroyed a Ruby fusion quickly and precisely in "The Answer", as well as ripped off a seat of the Ferris wheel before caught a falling Greg and baby Sour Cream easily.


  • Shield Proficiency: Rose had the ability to summon her shield to protect loved ones. She was capable to summoning it in larger sizes. It is powerful enough to counter the effects of the Diamonds' Corrupting Light on the inviduals inside the shield.
  • Shapeshifting: Rose was adept enough in transformtions to form a female human reproductive system, including a womb for Steven to be born from.[4]
  • High Intellect: Rose was proficient in military command and strategy, able to lead the Crystal Gems from the front-lines in a successful rebellion against their Homeworld. In "The Return", Jasper stated that Rose was a masterful tactician, a crucial skill that earned her renown.

Unique Abilities

The original bearer of the pink diamond gemstone, which is currently in possession of her son/successor, Rose Quartz would have been able to use all the abilities Steven has - and perhaps even more.

  • Empathic Telepathy: According to Garnet, Rose possesed the ability to sense others and connect with them. This power was mainly seen through Steven.
  • Phytokinesis: Rose had the ability to grow sentient and not-sentient flora, which acted as her fighting guardians. The most notable examples are the Magic Spike Vines in "An Indirect Kiss" and her Magic Moss.
  • Healing: Rose manifested her ability to heal through her tears. Her tears could heal broken Gems/gemstones, and heal other creatures of general injuries. In "Bubbled", Eyeball mentions that she heard rumors about how during the Rebellion, Rose used her healing power to keep her Crystal Gem soldiers in contention with Homeworld's superior forces during the Rebellion. In "Monster Buddies", Garnet tells Steven that Rose tried to use her powers to save Corrupted Gems, although she was never able to heal them.[5]
    • Resurrection: In "Lars' Head", it is implied that Rose could also resurrect organic beings, giving them special powers in the process, the most notable example being Lion.
  • Electrical Interference (Possible): In "We Need to Talk", Rose appeared to be able to control Greg's radio based upon her emotion. For instance, when she is shocked, the music stopped. However, like her son, it is unknown if she possessed it or if this was for dramatic effect.
  • Speed of Descent Regulation: In "Steven Floats", it is revealed that Rose was able to alter her gravity, allowing her to control the speed of her ascent and descent. She was briefly seen using this power in "Story for Steven". She also used it several times in "Greg the Babysitter".


  • Rose's Sword: Rose possessed a great sword that she has used during battle and is currently wielded by Connie Maheswaran as of "Nightmare Hospital". As stated in "Bismuth", the sword was designed by Bismuth for a fair fight, to cut through a Gem's physical form, destroying the body but never the gem. Bismuth calls it her "finest piece of work." It also has its own scabbard. It was later smashed by Blue Diamond in "Reunited".
  • Laser Light Cannon: Rose once owned a cannon that shot a very powerful beam that could destroy an object such as the Red Eye that the Crystal Gems could not destroy on their own. The weapon activates by reciting Greg Universe's favorite catchphrase, "If every porkchop were perfect, we would not have hotdogs." It is currently in the possession of the Gems after retrieving it from Greg's storage unit in the episode "Laser Light Cannon".
  • Rose's Secret Armory: Rose had an armory full of weapons and armor that she keeps secret from the rest of the Crystal Gems, except Pearl. For unknown reasons, Lion knows about the armory and brings Steven and Connie there in "Lion 2: The Movie".

Pink Diamond

Like all her subjects, Pink Diamond has the standard abilities of a Gem, those including: Enhanced condition, the ability to not age, shapeshifting, and fusion. Said abilities were also shown in her Rose Quartz form.

  • Aura Projection: The Diamonds can project an aura around them that they can control, they can either radiate it from their entire bodies or emit it from specific parts of their bodies, usually their hands. Though not much is known of Pink's aura, Steven was able to use it to convince Blue and Yellow Diamond that he is Pink Diamond reincarnated. Pink's aura manifests itself as a pink, solid shape often just forming a pink outline around the user.
    • Corruption Induction: Bismuth initially believed that Pink Diamond caused the remaining gems on earth to corrupt, so it is possible that she had this power. Though, it could have been Bismuth's hatred for the Diamonds talking.
      • Corruption Reversal: It was revealed (through Steven) that Pink Diamond, along with the other Diamonds, could reverse the corruption of a Gem. The corruption was reversed on the water of her Fountain in "Change Your Mind".
  • Gemstone Creation: Pink Diamond is able to create non-sentient gemstones, as well as gemstone shards, with dirt by using her breath and bare hands. She utilized this ability to fake her death by making gemstone shards mimicking her own's appearance.
  • Pebble Animation: As implied in "Familiar", Pink Diamond's tears can turn inanimate pebbles into living Pebbles.


  • Shield Proficiency: In "Change Your Mind", Steven's disembodied gem summons a shield to protect his beloved human counterpart. It is powerful enough to counter and deflect White Diamond's attacks, even harming her. The shield is tinted in Pink Diamond's pink rather than Rose's pink, so it may be possible that this is her original shield, which she might changed in appearance when she became Rose.
  • Enhanced Regeneration: Although Gems can generally reform with minimum variations to their form, Pink Diamond was able to reform permanently with the appearance of a different Gem type without negative repercussions.
  • Spaceship Piloting: Pink Diamond had a spaceship only she was capable of controlling. According to Pearl, she was not a very graceful pilot, at least when it came to liftoff.
  • Juggling: According to Pearl and Steven, Pink Diamond has the skill of juggling balls or bubbles. This was shown in Steven's dream in "Together Alone."



Statues and wall paintings of Rose can occasionally be found in Gem ruins, indicating she was looked upon respectfully by Gems at one point. This may indicate that she had a high status among her race.

The Crystal Gems often reminisce about Rose, and express their gratitude for her actions; Greg often laments over her departure with seemingly similar reasons. A portrait of Rose hangs over the doorway to the beach house where Steven lives.

While pregnant with Steven, knowing that she could never meet him personally, Rose made a video with the intent of posthumously expressing her love for him.

At one point about 5,000 years prior to the events of the series, Rose leads the Crystal Gems in a rebellious war against the Homeworld Gems on the Gem Battlefield and wins. It is stated by Jasper that although they fought on different sides, she respects the military tactics that Rose used during the war.

As seen in "Story for Steven", the Crystal Gems (excluding Rose) did not wear stars on their outfits at the time that Rose met Greg. This implies that the symbol may have been adopted as a sign of respect and grief for Rose after she gave up her physical form.

Rose left behind a fabricated story of the shattering of Pink Diamond in which she is responsible for it. This version was taken for fact by both sides of the war, which eventually culminated in the use of the Corrupting Light by the Great Diamond Authority.

Pink Diamond

Earth was Pink Diamond's first and only colony. Many Gems were created on this planet including Amethysts, Jaspers, as well as other Quartzes. The other Diamonds constructed a zoo for Pink to keep humans after she expressed to them her desire to preserve Earth's lifeforms. Blue Diamond was also involved in Earth's colonization, arriving on Earth to help fight the Rebellion when it was still only a small problem. Gems regarded Pink Diamond very highly, creating a mural of her at the Earth Moon Base. Pink Diamond also had control over a court which included Agates, Sapphires and her own personal Pearl.

After Pink Diamond was believed to be shattered, the other Diamonds mourned her death in different ways; Blue Diamond fell into a deep depression and sought to preserve everything she could of Pink Diamond while Yellow Diamond developed a simmering rage and instead sought to destroy all reminders of her in an unsuccessful attempt to feel better; it is still unknown how White Diamond reacted to these events. Even thousands of years later many Gems still continue to grieve her loss; Eyeball states that what seemed to have happened to her was a tragedy and Jasper fought the Crystal Gems in the present day in her honor, even choosing to mutate rather than accept help from her supposed killer as a final act of loyalty.

While the Diamonds and older Gems remembered Pink very well, it appeared that in the case of the former they tried to censor anything involving her and her death to Gemkind since newer Gems like "Leggy" and Peridot 5XG were not really aware of Pink Diamond's existence, or by extension that of the Crystal Gems.

Pink Diamond's Zoo in the present day, now owned and operated by Blue Diamond, is the central hub for all things related to Pink. Most of the surviving Gems created on Earth, even the defective ones, help maintain and guard the facility and humans are still kept there under good conditions. In addition, every Rose Quartz gemstone was bubbled and placed in Pink Diamond's chamber inside the Zoo.

Upon arriving on Homeworld, Steven Universe took up residence in Pink Diamond's old room. After learning that Pink Diamond used to throw parties for all Gems, including White Diamond, he adopted her outfit and decided to have a party of his own in order to reason with White.


Steven Universe

And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that's me, loving you and loving being you.
~ Rose on a video tape in "Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Steven is Rose's son, whom she gave up her physical form for. While she never got to meet her son, Rose cherished Steven even before his birth, showing nothing but pride and happiness for the kind of person he would become, and trusted him to carry on her mission of protecting the Earth after her passing. Even when she knew it would mean the end of her existence to create Steven, she showed no fear and could not wait for him to join them. She also assured Steven in a video she left behind that when he loves being himself, it is really Rose loving Steven and loving being a part of him. According to Garnet, Steven is a "fusion of love". "Bismuth" shows Rose in a different way to Steven after finding out that she had poofed and bubbled Bismuth without telling Pearl and Garnet. As a result, he shows his respect to her by promising to tell everyone what happened, giving her closure before poofing unlike Rose. "Back to the Moon" and "Bubbled" causes Steven to doubt more on what he thinks about Rose after learning about the fact she shattered Pink Diamond during the Rebellion, first mentioned by Eyeball, then confirmed by Garnet. In "Mindful Education", one of Stevonnie's hallucinations is the giant head of Rose Quartz staring down menacingly at them, further highlighting Steven's doubts on what he should think of his mother. In "Storm in the Room", Steven conceives his mother using her room. They are able to bond through various activities a normal parent and child would do such as football. When Steven was going to take a picture of him and Rose together, he quickly realizes that the Rose with him is merely an incarnation of what Steven knows of her. He breaks down into tears because he believes Rose is a liar so she can paint herself in a saintly light and only created Steven to get away from the problems she has caused for everyone involved. Rose denies this, however, saying she wanted to have Steven out of love. Assuming good faith towards his mother, he hugs her as she is blown away as a cloud. Steven is unsure what to think about his mother anymore. However, it is later shown in episodes like "Lion 4: Alternate Ending" that he believes that Rose may have left him a destiny to fulfill only to discover that she never intended that. In "The Trial", he has come to admit she was guilty of her crimes and calls her a war criminal, showing that Steven now sees his mother as the cause of everything bad in his life and blames her for that, seeing her now as just a criminal he must atone for her crimes.

With the revelation that Pink Diamond was in fact Rose Quartz, Steven's feelings towards his mother remain mixed. While he is relieved to learn that she never shattered anyone, he is troubled by the extent of her deceit and the pain it has caused for the Crystal Gems.

Members of the Crystal Gems

Huh? Oh, them? Those are three long stories.
~ Rose in "We Need to Talk"

Rose Quartz was previously the leader of the Crystal Gems before she brought Steven into existence. The group seems to hold her in high esteem. In the episode "Laser Light Cannon" for instance, Amethyst is quoted as saying, "If Rose were here, this would be so easy!" The members of the group seem to mourn her disappearance from the world after she gave up her physical form to create Steven, though they do not hold Steven accountable for the loss.

In an in-character interview with Newsarama, Pearl seems to confirm that Rose Quartz was a leader of the Crystal Gems, noting, "Brilliant leaders do brilliant things, that is why you look to them for answers, answers no one else could have, that is why you trust them, even when you can not understand why they chose… Greg".


My Pearl. You're wonderful..
~ Rose's hologram in "Rose's Scabbard"

Pearl was Rose's second-in-command and confidant in the war against Homeworld and once her personal Pearl during her reign as a Diamond. Matt Burnett has described their relationship as "complicated".[6] After the episode "We Need To Talk", it was confirmed that Pearl's feelings for Rose were of the romantic kind.[7] The true nature of Rose's affections for Pearl was revealed in "Now We're Only Falling Apart" where Steven comments how Pearl swept Rose off her feet and how Sapphire felt the same when she came on Earth with Ruby. After witnessing Garnet's first fusion, Pearl made a failed attempt at fusing and tried to apologize for her impulsive decision and how she needs to stop imagining things about her relationship with Rose, only for Rose to urge her to never stop which resulted in an accidental first Rainbow Quartz fusion. Rose cared deeply for Pearl, and Pearl claims that she was closer to Rose than the other Gems were, and as such, Rose trusted her with information she did not tell Garnet and Amethyst. It was later showcased in "A Single Pale Rose" where it was revealed that "Rose Quartz" was a persona Pink Diamond created and asked Pearl to help to frame her own assassination and make "Rose Quartz" a culprit. Pink Diamond's last order as Pearl's diamond was to never tell this to anyone. Pearl seems to value this connection highly, as she became furious when realizing that there was information that Rose kept even from her in "Rose's Scabbard". In "Sworn to the Sword", it is stated by Pearl that Rose made her "feel like [she] was everything." It is explained by Garnet that, during the war, Pearl was extremely protective of Rose to the point of ignoring all logic and reason, and was willing to risk her own life to ensure Rose's safety repeatedly.[8] It is implied that this recklessness sparked heated arguments between the two of them.[9] Rose had a high respect for Pearl, to the point where she called her "My Pearl", something that Homeworld Gems call their superiors.


Amethyst and Rose seemed to have shared a close relationship. Amethyst makes a comment in "Maximum Capacity" that suggests she and Rose often hung out together. Amethyst is shown to think highly of Rose, who returned her positive regard. In "Crack the Whip", Amethyst reveals that Rose had told her that she is perfect the way she is, conveying that Amethyst's defective nature did not diminish Rose's opinion of her.


Rose was the first Gem to accept Garnet for being a fusion between two different Gems. This acceptance would ultimately play a key factor in Garnet's decision to join Rose and the Crystal Gems. Like Pearl and Amethyst, Garnet holds much respect for Rose and was deeply saddened with her passing. Garnet is shown to believe in Rose's ideology strongly, and as such, she is committed to carrying on Rose's cause by leading the Crystal Gems in her absence. This reverence for Rose is demonstrated in "It Could've Been Great" when Garnet becomes angered at Peridot's criticism of the former Crystal Gem leader and her legacy, to the point of threatening Peridot.

Greg Universe

Oh, you're hilarious, Mr. Universe.
~ Rose in "We Need to Talk"

Rose Quartz with Greg Universe in an old photo.

Greg Universe was the romantic partner of Rose Quartz until she brought Steven into the world. Greg and Rose seemed to have had a very good relationship, but most of what is known is from Greg's point of view. The two of them met at one of his one-man band concerts in Beach City, where she was the lone attendee. He said that they became inseparable, yet he had no idea "what a magical lady like her ever saw in a plain old dope like [him]." Rose used Greg's catchphrase as the activation words for her Light Cannon, reflecting her feelings towards him. Rose's relationship with Greg started out rocky because Rose did not really understand how human relationships worked, but things got better over time, and they ended up "fusing" into an entirely new being, Steven.


Hundreds of years ago, Lion traveled with Rose Quartz in a pack of lions when she visited the Desert. At some point, Lion died and was resurrected by Rose Quartz when she cried over his body. Since then, Rose entrusted Lion with the key to her landfill and got him familiar with many of her special locations, such as her fountain]] and armory]]. Rose also trusted Lion with her most important belongings, which are stored inside of his pocket dimension]], implying that the two had a very strong and close relationship.


Bismuth is a Crystal Gem and one of Rose's most loyal friends and followers. However, Rose did not accept Bismuth's ideas for winning the Rebellion and bubbled her away in Lion's mane after an argument and fight over the use of the Breaking Point to shatter Gems. When Steven revealed to her that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond, she screamed in a pool of lava in shock before proclaiming, "It all makes sense now!"

The Great Diamond Authority

Blue Diamond, leave this planet! This colony will not be completed!
~ Pink Diamond as Rose Quartz

Rose was a member of the Great Diamond Authority when she was known as Pink Diamond, who created the Rose Quartz alias so she could rebel against the Diamonds and save Earth. During her rebellion, Rose directly attacked Blue Diamond's Cloud Arena, and later expresses regret over leaving Garnet at her mercy. After Pink Diamond's alleged shattering at the hands of Rose, the other Diamonds felt a great amount of fury and hatred towards Rose, with Blue and Yellow Diamond not finding out the truth behind Pink Diamond's faked shattering until "Reunited". In "Change Your Mind", the remaining three Diamonds are seated at the Rose Quartz statue when healing the Corrupted Gems at Rose's Fountain.

Blue Diamond

Oh, Pink. I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... I should've done more. Yellow says it'll all be over soon. I wonder what you would think. This is your planet, after all. I still think it is.
~ Blue Diamond

As stated by Blue Diamond herself, she and Pink Diamond had a very close, seemingly motherly, relationship. Blue Diamond is shown to be heavily, if not unhealthily, remorseful over Pink Diamonds death, stating "Oh Pink I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" while mourning her at her Palanquin. Blue Diamond always cries about Pink Diamond because she was shattered and she will never come back, and is preserving the "zoo" in Pink Diamond's Memory. She even raises her voice in an angry tone stating, "Why can't you just let me GRIEVE?!" to Yellow Diamond because Yellow Diamond keeps on telling her to stop coming here that it just makes Blue Diamond feel worse that she already does.

First there were too many organics, and then their cities were too difficult to dismantle, and- and now these Crystal Gems? We're tired of your excuses, Pink!
~ Blue Diamond

However, despite their apparent close relationship, Pink Diamond had no qualms about faking her death to Blue Diamond. Additionally, Pink believed Blue never cared for her at all, due to the sheer amount of pressure Blue put her into to finish her colony. But unbeknownst to Pink Diamond, the other Diamonds were greatly distraught over her death, especially Blue who mourned for Pink for 5,000 years, possibly blaming herself for being too hard on her. Like with Yellow, how close their relationship was is debatable at best, as Blue coldly dismissed Pink's request to spare the Earth when she came to care for its organic life.

Yellow Diamond

Although less evidence is provided towards their relationship, Yellow and Pink Diamond were seemingly close as well. She was singing a song for Blue Diamond that she has to move on about Pink Diamond, but in the ending, she gets sad stating in her song "Yes, of course we still love her and we are always thinking of her, don't you know I miss her too?" and then rushes to the last lyric of the song and she nearly blows a fuse thinking about Pink Diamond. Although how close their relationship may have been is debatable as in “Jungle Moon” Yellow Diamond seemed more annoyed with Pink Diamond’s bubbly and bratty personality, and possibly not seeing her as an equal. She demands Pink to act like she is important if she wants to be treated as significant. Additionally, despite their apparent close relationship, Pink Diamond had no qualms about faking her death to Yellow Diamond. Additionally, Pink believed Yellow never cared for her at all, due to the sheer amount of pressure Yellow put her into to finish her colony. But unbeknownst to Pink Diamond the other Diamonds were distraught over her death. Yellow Diamond would never admit it, but she still missed Pink and possibly regrets the way she treated her.

White Diamond

The true nature of their relationship is unknown. Based on White Diamond's conversation with Steven, who she believes to be Pink, she does not take Pink seriously and treats her like a child. According to Blue Diamond, White became furious when Pink renamed a group of Pyrites "Fool's Gold". In 'Change Your Mind', White revealed that she sees Pink as her idea of imperfection, whereas she sees herself as perfect. She acts in a cruel manner stating that Pink 'makes problems' and insists that she does not believe Pink fits her idea of perfection. White does express anguish at the revelation that releasing Steven's gem would never return Pink to her.


Jasper once served as one of Pink Diamond's underlings during the years that the Rebellion occurred. Following the apparent shattering and death of Pink Diamond, Jasper became enraged at the death of her diamond and was transferred over to Yellow Diamond as her new leader. During the Rebellion, Jasper would fight against Rose Quartz and was dedicated to shattering her to avenge Pink. When she went to Earth, she saw Steven and thought that he was Rose in a new form and called him Rose. When she was being corrupted and Steven tried to help, she broke down and revealed how Pink's death was the reason she hated Earth and why she refused "Rose's" (Steven's) help.

The Famethyst

Oh wow, look at you! Welcome to Earth.
Amethyst soldier: That is the first, and nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.'
~ Pink Diamond (as Rose Quartz)

Despite her eventual decision to put an end to Kindergarten activities on Earth, Pink Diamond cared deeply for every Gem that was created on it. She was excited to join them while they were going about their duties. When one Amethyst burst out of the ground, she walked up to her as Rose Quartz and joyfully welcomed her to Earth. Her kindness was indeed appreciated, though the Quartz soldiers, not knowing any better, would rudely push their disguised leader aside if she got in their way.

Ruby (Eyeball)

It was a tragedy what happened to her.
~ Eyeball

Eyeball was the most prominent eyewitness of Pink Diamond's apparent shattering and refers to it as a tragedy.


Pink is implied to have had a very close relationship with the Pebbles, who were created through her tears. She also treated them well, as the Pebbles take Steven telling them "Thank you" as confirmation that he is Pink. It's also implied that she often joked with them, as one of the Pebbles said "Very funny, Pink" when Steven asks who they are, and another one states that she always played games.

Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl was Pink Diamond's original Pearl before the Crystal Gem's Pearl was given to her. Like with our Pearl, Pink Diamond was informal with her and treated her as a friend rather than a servant, though their close relationship came to an end due to unknown certain actions of White Diamond.


  • Rose quartz is a gemstone that has an association with healing, confidence, friendship, love, peace, compassion, empathy, beauty and heart, which perfectly describes Rose's personality.
  • Rose quartz is a rosy pink variety of quartz.
  • Its color is usually soft, ranging from very light pink to medium pink in intensity.
  • Rose quartz is a cheap and abundant stone and is frequently used for jewelry, often appearing in the shape of hearts and roses.
  • It is often called "Love Stone".
  • Rose quartz is said to balance emotions, and bring a sense of calmness and peace.
  • Rose quartz's chemical formula is SiO2::Ti, where the titanium impurities make them have a pinkish-red coloration.
  • Rose quartz is the Zodiacal sign for Aries, Taurus, and to an extent, Libra.




  • Rose's symbol repeatedly appears throughout the series, such as when the door appears to her room, in the middle of Steven's shield, in the handle of her sword, and the Crystal Gem's war flag back when they fought for the Earth.
  • The blast emitted by the Laser Light Cannon and Quartizine Trio assumes a shape loosely resembling her.[5]
  • Rose's gemstone was located where a human navel is - as such, Steven's gemstone is located on his stomach where his navel should be.
  • In "Rose's Room", when Steven is falling through space in Rose's room, a Tiny Floating Whale speaks to him in Rose's voice saying, "What do you want, Steven?"
  • The Gem depicted on the Crystal Temple has many similarities to Rose including the ringlet-curled hair, though also has multiple overlapping faces and multiple arms much like Alexandrite. Based on the gem locations depicted in this carving, it is clearly meant to represent a fusion of Rose, Amethyst, Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire: the same five gems who also have points dedicated to them in the pentastar icon on the temple door.
  • In "Monster Buddies", Garnet tells Steven that Rose tried to use her powers to save corrupted Gems, although she was never able to heal them. Joe Johnston has confirmed this.[6]
  • As revealed in "An Indirect Kiss", Rose had a spring filled with her magical healing tears.
  • Ian Jones-Quartey confirmed that Rose's skin color is based on a peachy light pink color, like some kinds of rose quartz stones.[7]
  • Ian Jones-Quartey stated that Rose shape-shifted a womb for Steven to be born from.[8]
  • It was confirmed by Ian Jones-Quartey that Rose is indeed a quartz Gem. He also explained that the reason why her abilities are defensive-orientated, as opposed to being offensive (Like Jasper and Amethyst) "They [The Quartzes] can't all be tankers".
    • Although it was proven to be a trick, as Rose Quartz turned out to be Pink Diamond.
  • In "Ocean Gem", Greg has stated that Rose enjoyed hard rock and roll, fitting in with her ability to "Find beauty in everything".
  • As of "Greg the Babysitter", it has been revealed that Rose knew Sour Cream for a short while, though only while he was a baby.
  • When asked how she decided to "kill off" Rose, Rebecca Sugar cryptically replied, "Is she dead?"[9]
  • This statement was most likely referring to the fact that Rose gave up her physical form to give birth to Steven, thus making her "still alive", albeit in a "limbo" like state, being in Steven's gemstone.
    • Rose admitted to having loved other humans before loving Greg.
      • However, she later admitted to not understanding human love, casting doubt on this claim.
      • In "Mr. Greg", Pearl passively mentions that Rose met with various men throughout her stay on Earth, but Greg was the first that she ever had a romantic relationship with.
    • She also had a fascination with humans, describing them as "funny" and "adorable."
    • Before Steven's birth, the Crystal Gems had a fence that blocked humans from trespassing. They also did not talk to humans, but Rose loved humans, and she would always go out and explore Beach City, because of her love and fascination for them.
    • In "Too Far", Peridot mentions how Quartz-type Gems, like Amethyst, Jasper, and Rose, are created to be soldiers and are designed with large bodies and broad shoulders as a way of intimidating their enemies.
    • Rose's style of dancing when fusing was similar to Waltz.
    • It is revealed that Rose's Diamond, along with Jasper's, was Pink Diamond.
    • Rose had never been seen without her signature dress, indicating that she had not ever been forced to regenerate before giving birth to Steven or that if she did regenerate, she regenerated with the same dress, similar to Lapis' and Peridot's regenerations.
      • Whenever Rose had been seen wearing other types of clothing, she just wears it over the top of her dress.
    • Rose gave up her physical form on August 15, the date Steven was born.
    • According to Eyeball's statements in "Bubbled", it is possible that Rose was the only existing gem with healing powers.
      • This is due to Rose’s diamond power, thus it is unique.
    • To date, all fusions involving Rose Quartz (or by extension Steven) have been Quartz-types as well.


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