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Rosemon is the Mega/final evolution form of Palmon.

Like her original counterpart, she is voiced by Kinoko Yamada in the Japanese version.


Rosemon appeared in the past while Taichi and the others see the past events of Dark Digimon's invasion and after battle between Light and Dark Digimons over, she and other six Digimons reborn as Digi-Eggs and lost her memories before meet Mimi and other DigiDestineds.

When BanchoMamemon attacked Babamon’s school with his gang of Mamemon and BigMamemon, he then came to take revenge on Babamon, and they began to fight. During the battle, when Taichi and Mimi were with Jijimon to help Babamon against BanchoMamemon’s gang, BanchoMamemon was a fierce opponent to Palmon's Champion and Ultimate forms. But during the battle, Mimi managed to get Lillymon to develop into a Rosemon, after the development she and Mimi started fighting together against BanchoMamemon. In the battle, BanchoMamemon struck her with all the fiery techniques, but they didn’t work against her in any way. After a hard fight, she managed to defeat BanchoMamemon and save Babamon from his revenge.

Episode Appearances

Appearances on Episodes
  • The Holy Digimon (silhouette)
  • The New Darkness, Millenniumon (flashback)
  • The Digimon School Under Attack
  • The Crest of Courage (flashback)
  • The Angels' Determination
  • The Great Catastrophe, Negamon
  • The Last Miracle, The Last Power
  • The End of the Adventure