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Rosemon is one of the heroes in Digimon Data Squad. She is the Mega form of Lalamon.

She is voiced by Dorothy Elias-Fahn.


Rosemon is a woman with long blonde hair. She wears a red strapless leather suit with red detached sleeves, a hairclip with two red roses and green leaves, black boots with high heels that are flower-shaped at the top, a red flower-shaped mask, and a green and white petal-shaped cape with a yellow "D" on each petal. She also has a yellow vine-shaped whip that wraps her arms and forms an "X" on her chest. She carries the "Tifaret" jewel on her breast. Her leather suit has a long arrow-shaped cut on the front.

Digimon Data Squad

Rosemon's image appears when the DATS officers first use their D.N.A. Charges to strengthen their respective Ultimate-level partners in order to drive off the Bio-Hybrids, but this destroys their Data Link Digivices in the process.

However, after BanchoLeomon teaches the squad how to control their D.N.A. Charges, Yoshi is able to digivolve Lilamon to Rosemon for the first time, and the new Mega Digimon easily defeats Ivan in his Digimon form of BioStegomon.

While protecting the Sacred City from Akihiro Kurata's army, Yoshi uses Rosemon to fend off Ivan, who has returned and breached the walls in his new BioSupinomon form. After a long battle, Rosemon defeats BioSupinomon and forces him to revert back to Ivan and a Digi-Egg.


  • Thorn Whipping:
  • Rose Spear:
  • Forbidden Temptation:
  • Ivy Hug:
  • Charité:
  • Kiss of Breath:
  • Jewel of Heart:


  • She and Rosemon from Digimon Adventure tri. share same English Voice Actor.
  • n the Japanese version of Digimon Data Squad, Rosemon's Evolution montage is longer due to scenes focusing on Rosemon's breasts and buttocks.


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