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Rosenkreuz was a legendary hero from Rosenkreuzstilette who is famous for the founding of RKS several decades prior to the events of the franchise.


When he was still alive, Rosenkreuz, who was the most powerful Magus in history, devoted his life to protecting Magi everywhere and helping them each live lives free of fear, hatred and persecution from the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church. At that time, the Church, whom the Empire's reins of power lay within, treated Magi as demons and Rosenkreuz as the Devil himself. Eventually, with eight disciples of his, he took a stand against the Empire and the Church, and a war broke out. The war ultimately ended when he sacrificed his life for the sake of his people. With his death, his final wish was granted; the Magi were allowed to live alongside humans as part of their military, and they became known as RKS, a.k.a. Rosenkreuzstilette, the "Blades of the Rose Cross", and since then, the Magi he helped, among them Graf Michael Sepperin, had been servants of the Empire.

As a few decades passed, two Magi were born reincarnated from Rosenkreuz himself: Spiritia Rosenberg, who was born with his spirit and his ability to tap into the strength of others' and use their abilities, and Iris Sepperin, who was born with his intelligence and every ounce of strength he had accumulated throughout his life.


  • He is named after Christian Rosenkreuz, the founder of the Order of the Rose Cross.
  • He is currently the only character in Rosenkreuzstilette not to be shown in person nor fought as a boss.
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