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Rosette Christopher is the 16-year-old protagonist of Chrono Crusade. She is a young exorcist with the Magdalan Order. Her talent with a gun is only matched by her talent for destroying things and getting into trouble. Although she has a hot temper and a loud mouth, underneath it all she's a genuinely caring person that wants to live her life to the fullest.

In the Japanese version, she was voiced by Yuka Imai in the Marine Entertainment Radio dramas, and by the late Tomoko Kawakami in the Lantis, Happinet Radio dramas & Gonzo Anime series, and by Hilary Haag in the English dub.


Rosette is the Caucasian girl who has blond hair. She also wears a blue cassock as she is a nun.

Personality and Traits

Rosette's primary motivation is to rescue her younger brother Joshua, who has been kidnapped and later brainwashed by Aion. Because of a contract she formed with Chrono when she was 12, her life is slowly ticking away. Despite this, she continues to run towards her goal, confronting every challenge with a headstrong attitude. This conviction inspires others like Chrono and Azmaria to push forward surpassing their own limitations and personal doubt. She is almost ideally unfazed by the future she chose when she made her contract with Chrono, claiming she's still going to be "kicking and screaming 'til the very end". Despite knowing exactly who and what Chrono is, she doesn't seem the least bit afraid of him and trusts him indefinitely as her partner. Rosette is somewhat simple and prone to impulsive behavior that gets her in trouble; she claims it's because she knows she's short on time and can't afford to hesitate on things she may never live to do again and later regret.