Sister Rosette Christopher
Rosette Christopher (ロゼット・クリストファ Rozetto Kurisutofa?) (23 January 1912 - March 1928 in the anime) (23 January 1908 - March 1932 in the manga) was the impulsive 16-year-old protagonist of Chrono Crusade and an elite Exorcist for the Order of Magdalene's New York Branch. Though she is sent on many missions regarding the exorcism of many Demons and the general supernatural, her primary focus is on her search for her missing younger brother, Joshua Christopher, who was taken by the demon Aion four years before the series' beginning. In order to do this, Rosette formed a Contract with the hornless Demon, Chrono. However, the consequences of this are that her life is shortened every time she unlocks the seal (in the form of a pocket watch) that contains Chrono's powers and because of this she says that she will not live to see 30. Despite this, Rosette pushes forward, determined to save her brother.



In the Anime, Rosette appears in several outfits. She most often depicted in a blue short-sleeved dress with a veil, boots, gloves, and complete with side-pouches. When Rosette tends to chores around the Order she is portrayed wearing a similar outfit that is slightly more conservative with long sleeves.

In Episode 3: The Apostles, Rosette is sent to retrieve Azmaria Hendric and goes undercover in a sexy pink dress.

In Episode 9: Joshua and Episode 10: Horn, the anime takes time to relay an important backstory. A younger Rosette is depicted wearing two outfits.

Episode 12: Holy Night is a Christmas themed episode. Therefore, it is appropriate for Rosette to be dressed in a Santa themed dress.

Rosette wears what appears to be an old bag or potato sack for most of the duration of Episode 14: Invocation Rosette. Her clothes become shredded during the previous episode which explains the drastic change in attire.

Starting at Episode 20: Temptation and continuing up to Episode 23: The Noise, Rosette is pictured in a plain black dress with a matching veil and bow. However, she remains wearing the mark of her contract to Chrono.

In the Final Episode: Chrono, Rosette is seen in a simple, old fashioned pink-purple dress with her soul timepiece still around her neck.

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