Roshan (nicknamed Squirt and Pinky) is the baby who the Sub-Zero heroes returned to their father, and the tetartagonist of the first film in the Ice Age franchise.


Roshan was the son of a leader of the human tribe. While sleeping one morning, his tribe was attacked by a bunch of saber-toothed tigers. The gang's leader, Soto, wanted to eat Roshan out of revenge for Roshan's father, Runar, killing more than half the pack, including his mate and cubs, and using their skin as clothes and their meat as food. Roshan's mother, Nadia, managed to fend off Diego, whose mission was to get Roshan. However, she was trapped at the edge of a waterfall and, in a desperate attempt to save her son, jumped over the waterfall, holding Roshan firmly in her arms. Both were found by Manny and Sid by the river, and using the little strength Nadia had left, she gave Roshan to Manny and Sid in the hopes that he will be safe with them.

Roshan's main caregiver was Sid, the only member of the group who initially had some interest in him, due to Manny being too cynical to care and Diego secretly planning to abduct him and take him to Soto. Manny, after his previous experience with humans, is reluctant to have something to do with the baby, but ends up relating to him. Diego eventually softened toward Roshan, as well, and admitted the truth of his mission to Manny and Sid before they hatched a plan to defeat Soto and his fellow sabers for good.

At the end of the film, Roshan reunites with his father and the rest of his tribe. Runar is particularly happy to learn that the baby learned to walk during his time with Manny, Sid, and Diego. Roshan is brought back home and the trio continued their journey south, parting ways.





  • Roshan is Sanskrit for “Shining light”.
  • Roshan has been the target of multiple hate memes, consisting of him being killed by other popular meme symbols, like Pewdipie, Bernie Sanders, Baby Yoda, and others.


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