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Norman, would you please tell them what a good singer I am?
~ Rosita to her husband

Rosita es una cantante antropomórfica y aspirante a cantante. Es la protagonista principal del séptimo largometraje de Illumination Sing y un personaje secundario en " Gunter Babysits", un cortometraje incluido en el comunicado de prensa de Sing .

Ella es la voz del ganador del Premio de la Academia Reese Witherspoon, quien también interpretó a Elle Woods en las películas Legally Blonde , Vanessa Lutz en Freeway , Annette Hargrove en Cruel Intentions y la Oficial Rose Cooper en Hot Pursuit . Witherspoon también expresó Ginormica en la franquicia Monsters vs. Aliens


Rosita tiene la piel rosa melocotón con pecas rosas más oscuras en la cara. Ella también tiene orejas ligeramente flojas, ojos verdes y tres dedos puntiagudos en cada mano. Por lo general, Rosita usa una blusa rosa de manga corta con botones, pantalones azul oscuro y zapatillas negras. Durante su interpretación de "Shake It Off" de Gunter y ella, Rosita se transforma en un brillante leotardo negro con orejas puntiagudas y un largo tren de plumas en la espalda. Ella también usa tacones negros con este disfraz.


Rosita es una esposa devota de su esposo Norman y madre amorosa de 25 lechones. A pesar de su genuino amor por su familia, Rosita se siente abrumada por sus responsabilidades y anhela ser más que una madre que se queda en casa. Esto, en combinación con su profunda pasión por el canto, hace que Rosita se una a la competencia de canto de Buster Moon sin el conocimiento de su familia.

Rosita's motherly compassion extends to her fellow contestants. When Ash has a breakdown during rehearsal over her breakup with Lance, Rosita comforts the porcupine and allows her to have any gum or candy she finds in her purse. Rosita also allows Johnny to practice before her, and apologizes when Gunter prevents the gorilla from doing so. She even was friendly towrds Mike and showed happiness for him when he sang "My Way" even smiling in joy.



Rosita es presentada haciendo las tareas de la cocina y cantando "Fuegos artificiales" mientras sus hijos desayunan en la mesa. Un cochinillo ruidoso la imita burlonamente, lo que la lleva a pedirle a Norman que les diga que es una gran cantante. Norman, apurado por llegar al trabajo, le dice distraídamente a Rosita que es genial y que el lavabo está bloqueado nuevamente. Rosita mira por la ventana de la cocina la ropa que cuelga de la familia, sintiéndose atrapada en una rutina.

That night, flyers advertising Buster Moon's singing competition are scattered across town, one hitting Rosita and Norman's kitchen window as she's washing the dishes. The next day, Rosita sends her children off to school, and makes the decision to audition at the Moon Theater. She ultimately passes the audition due to her excellent voice, but Buster found her stage presence boring, and decides to compensate by pairing her with flamboyant pig Gunter. To manage her husband's and kids' needs while she's at the theater, Rosita constructs an elaborate Rube-Goldberg device to perform her usual housework.

During practice with Gunter, Rosita becomes discouraged by her inability to dance as well as him, despite following printed instructions. After falling on her face during a performance of "Shake It Off", Rosita gives up and leaves the Moon Theater, to Gunter's disappointment. While grocery shopping, Rosita hears "Bamboléo" playing over the intercom and spontaneously bursts into dance. A security guard watching applauds Rosita, giving her the confidence to return to rehearsals. However, during a special rehearsal for Nana Noodleman, three bears who were cheated out of money by contestant Mike trespass the theater; the resulting confrontation begins a chain of events that destroys the building. Meanwhile, Rosita's device malfunctions, stranding Norman and the children on the clothesline for most of the day. Despite these disasters, Rosita is overjoyed when Buster decides that the show must go on, and helps build a stage in the ruins of the Moon Theater.

Rosita and Gunter serve as the opening act to Buster's open air concert, while Norman and the piglets sit in the audience. The two pigs perform "Shake It Off", their singing and choreography amazing the crowd. At the end of the song, the Rosita and Norman's children rush onstage to congratulate their mother. Norman himself follows behind and gives his wife a passionate kiss as the curtain closes. At the end of the movie, Rosita and her family attend the grand opening of the New Moon Theater with the other performers.



Bye, Iggy, bye, Perry, bye, Carla, bye, Gail, bye, Rory, bye, Micky, bye, Moe, bye, Nelson, bye, Hannah, bye, Tess, bye-bye, Caspar. Phew!
~ Rosita sending her piglets to school
Um, hi, I saw your ad in the paper. Yes, I need a nanny, just for a couple of weeks. You can? Great! The kids? Yes, they're wonderful. Yeah, I have 25. No, I'm not joking. Um, but they're really no problem-- Hello? Hello?
~ Rosita failing to hire a nanny over the phone
Listen, Norman, I know it's short notice, but I could really use some help with the kids tomorrow because, well, you are not going to believe what I did today! Norman, are you listening to me?
~ Rosita trying to tell Norman about the singing completion and to ask for help with their children
I think we'll probably have a better chance of winning if I do the singing part and leave the dancing part to you.
~ Rosita to Gunter
Okay, here. There should be some gum or some candy in there somewhere. Just help yourself.
~ Rosita offering a heartbroken Ash the contents of her purse
My body parts are not responding, okay? It's never gonna happen. I should just be getting groceries.
~ Rosita telling Gunter she's quitting the competition
You ready, big guy?
~ Rosita to Gunter while getting ready to perform "Shake It Off"

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