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Rosita is the tritagonist of the animated comedy Sing.

Official Bio

Rosita is a selfless homemaker and mother of 25 piglets who wants to remember what it feels like to be something other than a mother and a mom. In the competition, she'll be partnered with a German pig named Gunter who instantly sees her inner diva and makes it his mission to unleash her.


Rosita once dreamed of becoming a singer as a teenager, but gave it all up to become a mother to 25 piglets. One day, when Buster Moon gives out fliers for a singing competition, she struggles between her family obligation and following her heart.

Despite her struggles, Rosita is an avid dancer.


Rosita is a pink pig with slightly floppy ears, 3 pointed fingers, a pink blouse, light-blue jeans, black shoes, green eyes, blonde eyebrows and darker pink freckles.

She also wears a sparkly black costume during her and Gunter's performance of Shake It Off.


  • Rosita is voiced by Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon, who also voiced Susan Murphy/Ginormica for Monsters vs. Aliens.
  • In her black suit, she wears a headwear with horns, which resembles Maleficent's horns.



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