Rottytops is a recurring protagonist in the Shantae series.



Rottytops would give information to Shantae, only if the could beat her in a race. After Shantae won the race, Rottytops gave her some information and went to a nearby swamp to give Shantae access to a labyrinth. Rottytops later went back to her caravan and would offer Shantae another race.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge

Shantae went to visit Rottytops to see what Risky Boots is planing now. Shatnae later went to meet Rottytops to see were she can find a coffee machine to give coffee to her brothers in exchange for information about the Hypno Baron. Rottytops and her brothers, Abner Cadaver and Peo went to help Risky Boots by kidnapping Mimic in exchange for coffee beans, only for Risky to lie to them, leading to the three to leave in a rage.

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Rottytops was seen on another island, where she faked an injury to make Shantae carry her all the way to her brothers' house. Shantae went to speak with the three Zombies and so later went to a labyrinth a bit later. A version of Rottytops, possibly a part of her soul, was seen in the Cave of Lost Souls where she went to help Shantae to enter deeper in the labyrinth. She later went to help the warrior let most of the souls escape the realm. After Shantea defeated the Pirate Master, Rottytops and her two brothers went back to the main land in hopes to look for their past and thanks Shantae.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Rottytops was seen in Scuttle Town, where she asked Shantae if she wanted to see the Magic Carpet race and so brought her as well as Bolo and Sky. She later noticed that Shantae won the Race and went to help Mimic with his new machine, only to later see Risky Boots take the Machine and turned Shantae evil. Rottytops later went to help Shantae become herself again and later was seen still in Scuttle Town to give Shantae some advice.

Friends 'til the End

Rottytops went to team up with both Sky and Bolo to enter Shantae's dreamworld and visit all of the places that Shantae went to during her current journey and defeated all of the foes that Shantae fought. She, Sky and Bolo later went to fight against Nega-Shantae to turn her back to normal.

Other DLC's

Rottytops at one point was seen in Shantae's pillow, when she was asking everyone to head to her sleepover.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens


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