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Roux Louka is one of the main protagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. She is a pilot of the Anti-Earth Union Group and the wingmate of Judau Ashta.

She was voiced by Naoko Matsui in the Japanese version, and by Andrea Kwan in the series and Kelly Sheridan in the video game francise in the English version.


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Roux Louka was recruited into the AEUG and served aboard the Argama, being one of their best pilots before Judau showed up due to the loss of much of their personnel. After Judau switched from piloting the Zeta Gundam to the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam, Roux became the new pilot of the Zeta Gundam.

During the Neo Zeon conflict, Roux drew the attraction of Neo Zeon pilot Glemy Toto after she flirted with him in order to trick him into letting her escape Neo Zeon custody. In the final battle of the Neo Zeon War, Roux faced Glemy in combat and killed him.

After the Neo Zeon War ended, Roux became a couple with Judau and the two left to join the Jupiter Energy Fleet to live in peace at the planet Jupiter.


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