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Rox (Street Sharks)

Rox is a mutant mako shark and one of the main characters from Street Sharks.

Rox is an up-and-coming musician before he stumbled upon a makeshift laboratory (supposedly Dr. Bolton's) and ate some of Paradigm's mutating popcorn that Bolton had stolen from Paradigm's warehouse earlier in the episode "Shark 'N' Roll". Melvin goes to bed and the mutation occurs as he sleeps turning him into a mako shark. Dr. Bolton had however previously developed an antidote for the mind control serum and put it in a salt shaker. As a result of ingesting the two together, Melvin still retained his free will along with his hair. Dr. Piranoid had wanted to gene-slam all the people at a concert (which was to originally feature Melvin Kresnik) into mutants by combining popcorn with animal genes. Ultimately, the Street Sharks stopped Dr. Piranoid and Rox continued to live his life as a rock star (where he passes his current form as a costume) remaining close friends with fellow musician Streex.

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