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Roxy is a character from Winx Club. She is the youngest and newest member of the Winx, officially joining the Club in the fourth season. Roxy is the weakest fairy on the team, but she still acts tough and tomboyish. She cares deeply about animals and knows all kinds of facts about them.

She is voiced by Debora Magnaghi in the Italian version and has been voiced in the English versions by Sara Camacho in the Cinélume version, Liliana Mumy in the Atlas Oceanic version, and Suzy Myers in the DuArt version, and by Yui Horie in the Japanese version.

Personality and Traits

Roxy is very brave, having confronted the Black Circle and burglars even when she could not transform. She is always willing to help animals of all kinds. However, she can also get confrontational whenever she's angry or feels threatened, sticking up for herself when others put her down. According to Roxy herself, she has "a bit of a temper." She can also be very stubborn and is prone to tears when very confused or scared. Often she is overpowered by tears when forced to make an important decision under pressure, as seen in the episode "A Fairy In Danger".

Towards the people and animals she cares for, she is sacrificial and will do anything to protect them.


Roxy grew up in Gardenia, just like Bloom, and this makes the two quite close. The Winx fairies first met Roxy at the Frutti Music Bar where she and her father work. She owns a pet dog, Artu, whom she loves very much. In the 25th episode of season four, it is revealed that Morgana is Roxy's estranged mother.


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