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Ruby is one of the main characters in The Land Before Time franchise. She acts like the voice of wisdom to the younger dinosaurs, and a sisterly figure to Chomper. She first appeared in the television series, debuting in the inaugural episode "The Cave of Many Voices". She made her film debut in the fourteenth Land Before Time movie Journey of the Brave. One well-known trait about Ruby is that whatever she says, she'll say backwards. Example: "Hello, my friends, my friends, hello!" She is the smartest member of the team.



She is a pink Oviraptor.


Ruby is often the voice of wisdom among the young dinosaurs, able to explain matters the others do not understand. She has a calm demeanor and shows kindness and empathy to others. A strange habit of hers is to sometimes immediately repeat herself in a "backwards" way. For instance, she might say as a greeting: "Hello my friends; my friends hello!" She may be considered the "opposite" of Chomper, being female, calm, and more relaxed than him (she preferred to relax in warm mud over playing a sport with him in one episode). She is also older and smarter due to more experience in life.


  • Chomper and Ruby do not appear in The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends, as it is set before the TV series.
  • Ruby has ears but they are unseen.
  • Ruby is also eat an clam shell in Cave of Many Voices.


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