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Hero Overview

As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books. Someone who fought for what was right and protected people who couldn't protect themselves!
~ Ruby
We've all lost something, and I've seen what loss can do to people. But if we gave up every time we lost, then we'd never be able to move forward.
~ Ruby in her letter to Yang Xiao Long.
You're wrong. We've done things that most people would call impossible, and I know the only reason we were able to do it is because we didn't do it alone! We had people to teach us, people to help us, we had each other. Work with us. At least I know we'll have a better chance if we try together. Please.
~ Ruby to Raven.

Ruby Rose is the main protagonist of the RWBY franchise. She is the main protagonist of the American animated webseries RWBY, its Japanese manga prequel/adaptation, comic book series by DC Comics, and video game spinoffs RWBY: Grimm Eclipse and RWBY: Arrowfell. She is a Huntress, leader of Team RWBY, and a defender of the world of Remnant.

She is voiced by Lindsay Jones.


Original (Volumes 1–3)

Ruby is a fair-skinned young girl with silver eyes and black, neck-length, choppy hair that gradates to dark red at the tips.

She wears a long sleeved thick black blouse with a high collar and red trim on the sleeves, a black waist cincher with red lacing up the front, and a black skirt with red trim. She also wears a pair of thick black stockings and black combat boots with red laces, red trim around the top and red soles.

Her outfit is topped by a red hooded cloak fastened to her shoulders by cross-shaped pins. Her emblem appears as a large silver brooch and is pinned to a wide black belt slung around her hips on an angle, which also carries bullets and a pouch.

In the "Red" Trailer, Ruby's cloak is fastened at her throat and a large silver cross is pinned to her belt in place of her emblem.


During her time at Beacon, Ruby's pajamas consist of a black tank top featuring a heart-shaped Beowolf design on the chest and long white pants decorated with pink roses. She also wears a black sleeping mask decorated with triangular red eyes reminiscent of the Beowolves in the "Red" Trailer.

At her home in Patch, Ruby's pajamas are a matching dark-gray long-sleeved shirt and pants with faded-red polka dots and a white lining at the front and the collar.

Alternate Outfit (Slayer)

During the events of "A Minor Hiccup" and "Painting the Town...", Ruby wears an alternate outfit codenamed "Slayer".

This outfit consists of a long-sleeve, light gray shirt with black belted cuffs near the ends of the sleeves. Over top of the gray shirt is a black pinafore with two vertical lines of red stitching that resemble the lacing on a corset. She wears a red skirt with a large black print of her emblem on the side and matching black tulle underneath.

Her stockings and shoes remain the same as her Original outfit, though the boots lack the red trim that decorated the top. A few pieces of metal arranged in an abstract shape are attached to the shoulder of her left sleeve, and her cloak's hood has been wrapped around her neck in a scarf-like fashion, while the rest hangs down like normal.

Dance Outfit

During the Beacon Dance, Ruby wears a short, red, sleeveless dress with a thick black sash around the waist and black trim along the bottom. The bodice of the dress is split vertically to the sash and laced with black lacing. The yoke of the dress is translucent mesh with an opaque collar and hem, as well as opaque lines connecting the collar to her shoulders. She also wears black stockings and pumps.


Ruby wears the same uniform as every other girl attending Beacon, consisting of brown shoes, red tartan skirt, white blouse with maroon trim and thin red bow, a brown vest with gold buttons, and maroon blazer with gold trim, alongside full-length black stockings. However, she also wears her red cloak pinned to her blazer.

Post-Timeskip (Volume 4–6)

After the timeskip following the Fall of Beacon, her new design sports a white high-neck décolletage blouse. Her outfit retains the use of a black and red skirt, similar to her Original outfit, but her waist cincher has been replaced with an overbust corset. A black belt bordered in red holds the magnetic clip for Crescent Rose and its ammunition. She also has brown straps on her blouse that allow her to wear a small brown backpack.

In lieu of her usual full black stockings, Ruby wears thigh-high stockings reaching to a few inches below the hem of her skirt, decorated by an image of a long-stemmed rose. Her red-soled black boots contain four straps and buckles apiece.

Her cloak has a singular clip on the right shoulder in the shape of her emblem, replacing the cross-shaped clips from her original attire. Both the cloak and the stockings show tears from hard wear.

Her hair has also grown slightly longer, maintaining the color gradation from black at the roots to red at the tips.

Atlas (Volume 7)




RWBY Chibi

Ruby also appears in the non-canon comedy spinoff series RWBY Chibi. Here, she partakes in less dramatic and simple tasks while acting funny alongside her fellow characters.

In "Episode 1", Ruby has difficulties making chocolate chip cookies. She later finds one of Blake erotic romance novels, Ninjas of Love, and reads some of it. She later chastises Blake for owning such "filth", but refuses to return it.

In "Episode 2", Team RWBY hears about a cat burglar and immediately suspects Blake because she is a cat. Though she acts offended, it is revealed that Blake really was the culprit. She later is seen frozen in a swimming pool, with Weiss ice skating on the frozen water. She also plays jump rope with Blake and Yang using Blake's weapon, Gambol Shroud.

In "Episode 3", she fires several types of Dust from her weapon, but is thrown back by the gravity Dust.

In "Episode 4", Ruby loses a round of a fighting video game to Yang. In retaliation, she hies Yang's controller while she is distracted, angering her. She later makes an ice sculpture, but is humiliated when Weiss and Blake make better ones using their Dust and Semblance. Later, Yang plays her video game, but is repeatedly antagonized by Weiss, Blake, and Ruby, causing her to get angry and catch fire, to which the others proceed to roast marshmallows over.

In "Episode 5", Team RWBY throws a costume party, and Jaune is annoyed that both he and Ruby dressed up as Weiss. Ruby later builds a house of cards, which collapses after Weiss slams the door. In revenge, Ruby tracks muddy footprints all over Weiss' newly-cleaned kitchen. Weiss and Ruby then face off in the Beacon courtyard, weapons drawn, but only partake in a slap fight. Later, the team is strolling and sees silhouette people walking by, including one resembling Ruby (this is a reference to the background characters in Volume 1; the budget at the time was small, so all background characters were copy/pasted silhouettes of main/other character models).

In "Episode 6", Ruby explains the downsides to wearing a cape, including that it gets stuck on many things. Later, Team RWBY is talking among themselves when Team JNPR shows up with Pyrrha. Ruby begins to question how she's there, to which Nora breaks the forth wall and says that they're going to pretend "it" never happened.

In "Episode 7" Team RWBY pranks Weiss by dumping ice water on her. In revenge, Weiss dumps a sollid block of ice on Ruby, knocking her out.

More coming soon!


I remember getting to know Ruby and thinking, "This girl is the embodiment of purity.
~ Blake to Sun, about what word Ruby personifies in "Necessary Sacrifice".

Ever since she was little, Ruby has had a romanticized view of the Huntsman profession. She is quick to reveal she wanted to become a huntress in order to be like the great heroes in fairy tales, and she has described being one as far more "romantic" than being a police officer. Her mentality is described as "I don't have time for my emotions. I've gotta make sure that everybody else is okay." She has also shown a distinct lack of ability picking up social cues due to being a very open and honest person. This results in her being unable to pick up Weiss' sarcasm in the "The Shining Beacon", and struggling to act formally in "It's Brawl in the Family"

Although Ruby has no trouble interacting with friends, she does have trouble actually making them, and once admits that seeing new weapons "is like meeting new people, but better". This could have been a result of her having been accepted two years earlier to Beacon Academy, which forces her to leave her friends at Signal behind, as well as interact with people that are both older and more experienced than she is. Regardless, both she and Jaune Arc toast to being socially awkward during the Beacon Dance.

In the second chapter of the manga, it is revealed that Ruby has had a fear of large crowds, as shown when she freezes up during a sparring match against Cardin Winchester. However, she manages to work through that fear with some encouragement from her teammates long enough to win the spar, and by the Vytal Festival, she has overcome them entirely.

Ruby also has a sweet tooth, preferring five sugars in her coffee and scarfing down a large plate of cookies in "Ruby Rose". She is even seen with a plate of cookies in "Jaunedice", while her friends are eating more nutritious meals.

In combat or dangerous situations, she is shown to be quite impulsive and battle eager, such as when she attacks a Death Stalker on sight before learning of its high resistance to bullets and blades. This trait contrasts with her adaptability, for she is quite capable of forming attack plans with others in order to take down stronger foes, such as the Nevermore in "Players and Pieces" and Roman in the Atlesian Paladin-290 in "Painting the Town...".

After her discussion with Ozpin in "The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2", Ruby begins to take her role as leader of Team RWBY seriously. However, future instances of recklessness are when none of her teammates are near her, such as in the "Battle of Beacon" when she goes alone to engage Roman and Neopolitan, who both outnumbered and outmatched her.

Ruby can be ruthless when it comes to protecting her loved ones, as shown when she nonchalantly cuts off Tyrian Callows' stinger after he manages to injure and poison her uncle, Qrow Branwen.

Abilities & Powers

In order to become a Huntress, Ruby trained at Signal Academy, where her skills and abilities far surpassed her peers. Wielding a dangerous weapon like Crescent Rose required strength, balance, and adaptability, all of which she demonstrated the night she stopped the robbery of a Dust shop in Vale. This led Ozpin to accept her into Beacon Academy two years before the usual age of admittance.

While at Beacon, Ruby developed skills as a decisive leader, being able to formulate and execute plans with others in order to take down tougher foes, such as the giant Nevermore encountered during initiation, and later in coordinated attacks against Roman in an Atlesian Paladin-290.

Ruby's sense of balance stands out, particularly in precarious situations like perching on a taut ribbon in "Players and Pieces" or running off an exploding airship in "Heroes and Monsters".

Ruby's fighting style relies heavily on her creative uses of and methods for achieving momentum, relying on a combination of her Semblance and Crescent Rose's recoil to allow her achieve massive impact force, as well as creating slipstreams and even small whirlwinds using her Semblance.


Ruby is a self-admitted dork when it comes to weapons, which shows in her complex design and craftsmanship of Crescent Rose, her High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe which she designed herself at Signal, as well as her eye for detail when observing other people's weapons and tools.

This weapon can transform between a scythe and a sniper rifle, and can fire Dustrounds in either form with massive force, as demonstrated in the "Red" Trailer when she used a Gravity Dust magazine. Rather than compensate for it, Ruby harnesses the recoil to enhance her mobility in combat, firing shots to propel herself short distances, simultaneously attacking and evading an opponent.

It is also capable of using Fire and Lightning Dust.

Ozpin has noted upon meeting Ruby that he has only ever seen one other scythe wielder as skilled with such a dangerous weapon; that person is none other than Qrow, Ruby's teacher and uncle. According to Ruby, prior to learning under Qrow she was "completely garbage", although it is unclear if that only applies to her scythe skills.

Despite showing a preference for engaging enemies in close combat, Ruby does possess enough accuracy to land headshots against Grimm, but notably needs to stand still to do so consistently, usually by anchoring her scythe to the ground to act as a monopod. As of Volume 4, the scope on Crescent Rose has a small crack.

Crescent Rose's blade can also bend back slightly, though this is only shown when Ruby rushes forward, and the tip of the scythe hits something. Ruby takes advantage of this spear-like form to pin a Nuckelavee's arm to the ground.


Ruby's Semblance allows her to dash with unnatural speed in whatever direction she chooses at the cost of Aura. This happens so fast she sometimes gives off the illusion of teleporting. Penny explains Ruby is broken down to mulecular level and reassembles at her destination; it negates mass, therefore maintaining speed.

She has displayed the ability to use this Semblance midair, as well as to create powerful whirlwinds that can suck in and knock away objects and foes caught by it.

During the Volume 4 Character Short, she displayed much greater control over her Semblance, using it to repeatedly change directions in mid-air and attack at high speed. She also exhibited the ability to seemingly dematerialize into three separate clusters of petals which then flowed around an opponent before reforming. The exact mechanics of this ability are not yet clear.

She also increases her ability to pick up and carry someone, as her joint attack with Nora Valkyrie on the Geist was a vast improvement over the time she carried Penny Polendina. Another amped ability is her encircling of air, which she previously used successfully against Team JNPR and unsuccessfully against Mercury Black. Previously it was smaller, but she is now capable of enveloping her enemy in a tornado-like rush of air.

Notably, whenever she uses this Semblance, she leaves a trail of rose petals in her wake that dissipate over time. It is unknown what causes this, but these rose petals are not merely symbolic and can be perceived by others. Weiss once waved her hands to brush them away, and Ozpin comments on witnesses who reported rose petals left behind in a dance club.

Silver Eyes

Through her mother, Summer, Ruby comes from a line of legendary warriors who possessed powerful abilities related to their silver eyes, said to be an extremely rare trait. Upon seeing Pyrrha Nikos die in "End of the Beginning", Ruby accidentally uses this power in her grief and petrifies the Dragon. However, she has no memory of doing this other than her head hurting. Later in the episode, Qrow describes a fairy tale about warriors with silver eyes who are so powerful that even the Grimm fear them.

In "The Next Step", it is revealed that Ruby's powers injured Cinder Fall greatly, causing her to lose her left eye and arm, and making it difficult for her to speak for a period of time. Salem states that this is due to Cinder's possession of the Fall Maiden powers but does not explain why this is the case. However, when Ruby uses her powers once again in "The More the Merrier", Raven Branwen, who possesses the Spring Maiden powers, is not affected despite being in the vicinity, indicating that the Maiden powers themselves do not cause an individual to be affected by Silver Eye powers.

Maria Calavera later explains that the power of silver eyes can only be utilized against creatures of grimm, making Cinder vulnerable due to the method she used to obtain the Fall Maiden's power.


Ruby is heavily reliant on Crescent Rose. In contrast to her sister, her hand-to-hand capabilities are rather poor, making her easy to be taken down by mere grunts. Without her weapon, there is not much she can do in a fight, and her best bet is to run away with her speed. Her cape, on occasion, has been exploited and used against her, notably during the Beacon initiation when a Nevermore pinned her cape to the ground with it's feather-spears. In "Lighting the Fire" Ruby is shown to be slightly improving in hand-to-hand combat under tutelage of Professor Ozpin through Oscar Pine. Despite her silver eyes possessing intense power they can only be used against the creatures of grimm, heavily restricting their utility.

Personal Abilities

when she uses her semblance he speed is limit less


Are you... robbing me?
~ Ruby, to one of Roman Torchwick's henchmen
You're a Huntress... Can I have your autograph?
~ Ruby, after being rescued by Glynda Goodwitch
I don't wanna be "the bee's knees". I don't wanna be any kind of "knees"! I just wanna be a normal girl, with normal knees.
~ Ruby, after Yang Xiao Long describes her as special
Oh! Yang, gross, you have puke on your shoe! Get away from me! Get away from me! Get away from me! Get away from me!
~ Ruby, to Yang after Jaune Arc passes by
Of course I'm happy with Crescent Rose. I just really like seeing new ones. It's like meeting new people... but better...
~ Ruby, in response to Yang's inquiry on her love for weapons
But, why would I need friends if I have you?
~ Ruby, to Yang shortly before the latter runs off
I guess I'm not the only one having a rough first day... So, what's (Blake walks off)... *sigh* Welcome to Beacon...
~ Ruby, attempting to make conversation with Blake Belladonna
Aren't you the guy who threw up on the ship?
~ Ruby, after Jaune helps her up
Well, I like it! Not many people have an appreciation for the classics these days.
~ Ruby, talking about Jaune's weapon, Crocea Mors
It's also a customizable high impact sniper rifle. (A-what?) It's also a gun.
~ Ruby, explaining Crescent Rose to Jaune
You mean since you ditched me and I exploded?
~ Ruby, to Yang about her first day at Beacon Academy
Oh god, it's happening again!
~ Ruby, after Weiss Schnee begins to scold her for a second time
Well, that's why we're here! To make it better.
~ Ruby, responding optimistically to Blake's cynicism about fairy-tale endings in the real world
No more awkward small talk or 'getting-to-know-you' stuff. Today, I get to let my sweetheart do the talking.
~ Ruby, telling Yang why she's looking forward to the initiation test
And secondly, I don't need people to help me grow up. I drink milk.
~ Ruby, explaining to Yang why she doesn't need a team
What the-?! I don't need to 'break out of my shell'! That's absolutely-
~ Ruby, in response to Yang telling her she needs to break out of her shell.
Birdie, no!
~ Ruby, after hitting a bird during her fall
Gotta find Yang! Gotta find Yang, gotta find Yang, gotta find...
~ Ruby, trying to find Yang
You came back!
~ Ruby, after Weiss chooses her as her teammate
You're about to see a whole different side of me today, Weiss, and after it's all over, you're going to be like, 'Wow! That Ruby girl is really, really cool... and I wanna be her friend!'
~ Ruby, trying to make friends with Weiss
What was that?! That should've been easy!
~ Ruby, after fleeing from a pack of Beowolves at Weiss' behest
Well, I'm sorry you need my help to win a fight. I'm just fine on my own!
~ Ruby, arguing with Weiss
Why can't you just admit that you have no idea where we're going?
~ Ruby, to Weiss after they get lost
"Oh, just keep moving! Hurry up! Waaaah! Watch where you're going!" Why are you so bossy?
~ Ruby, mocking Weiss and questioning her personality
You don't even know me...
~ Ruby, to herself after Weiss claims to be better than her
I'm not trying to show off. I want you to know I can do this!
~ Ruby, explaining her actions to Weiss
...Normal knees...
~ Ruby, after Weiss says "You're fine"
Think you can make the shot?
~ Ruby, questioning Weiss' aiming skills
Good morning, Team RWBY!
~ Ruby, to her team after waking up Weiss
Aaaalright! Weiss, Blake, Yang, and their fearless leader Ruby have begun their first mission! (raises her fist into the air) Banzai!
~ Ruby, talking about getting their room ready
Or we could ditch the beds... and replace them with bunk beds!
~ Ruby, suggesting a solution to the room's lack of space
Yeah, represent teeeeam RWBY!
~ Ruby, cheering on Weiss during her fight with the Boarbatusk
Is she right? Did you make a mistake?
~ Ruby, to Ozpin about her suitability to be team leader
Uhh, cream and five sugars!
~ Ruby, telling Weiss how she likes her coffee
It's just that, you seem a little... NOT okay
~ Ruby, voicing her concern over Jaune
~ Ruby, in response to Jaune's self-depreciation
You've got a team now, Jaune. We both do. And if we fail, then, we'll just be bringing them down with us. We have to put our teammates first, and ourselves second. Your team deserves a great leader, Jaune. And I think that can be you.
~ Ruby, lecturing Jaune about being a team leader
Whoa, you can control poles...
~ Ruby, after hearing Pyrrha Nikos' Semblance
Magnets are cool, too...
~ Ruby, after Weiss tells her that polarity controls magnetism, not poles
Uum... Yeah, sure. Why not?
~ Ruby, after Penny Polendina asks if they're friends
~ Ruby, to Weiss' defense of "Combat Skirts" in battle
She does like tuna a lot...
~ Ruby, after Penny reveals to Team RWBY that Blake is a cat Faunus
Look Weiss, it's not what you think. I should explain, you see, she doesn't actually have a bow, she has kitty ears and they're actually kind of cute...
~ Ruby, trying to explain the situation to Weiss
Yeah! Team RWBY is back together!
~ Ruby, after Weiss and Blake reconcile
Sisters, friends... Weiss!
~ Ruby, to the rest of Team RWBY and Team JNPR
I am not a crook.
~ Ruby, to Weiss when being confronted about stealing her binder
Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful! It will be DELICIOUS!
~ Ruby, to Team JNPR, right before the food fight
Weiss! Weiss!! Don't leave me! Noooooooooooooooooo!!
~ Ruby during Weiss' "demise" during the food fight against Team JNPR.
Yang Xiao Long, prepare your kingdom for battle!
~ Ruby, to Yang during the game of Remnant: The Game
Okay, all in favor of becoming the youngest Hunteresses to singlehandedly taking down a corrupt organization that is conspiring against the Kingdom of Vale, say 'Aye'!
~ Ruby, to her team on stopping the White Fang
None of you said 'Aye'.
~ Ruby, quietly to herself after the team votes
Oh, and welcome to Beacon!
~ Ruby, to Emerald Sustrai; Mercury Black; and Cinder Fall
Oooh, look at me! My name's Weiss! I know facts! I'm rich!
~ Ruby, imitating Weiss
Let me try! You can trust me!
~ Ruby, pleading to Penny
You think just because you've got nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts makes you any less real than me?
~ Ruby, to Penny
Date or no date, none of this will matter if we can't get Blake to go.
~ Ruby, to Weiss and Yang
Stupid lady stilts.
~ Ruby, regarding high heels
I'm just not much of a fancy pantsy... dancey girl.
~ Ruby, to Ozpin
I'm sure we can handle whatever gets thrown at us.
~ Ruby, reassuring Yang
~ Ruby, reacting to Zwei arriving in the mail
We mail ourselves there.
~ Ruby, suggesting an alternate method of going to the Southeast District
We've never backed down before, and we're not going to start now.
~ Ruby, to the rest of Team RWBY
Well, alright then. Looks like we're going to save the world with Dr. Oobleck-- okay, yeah, when you say it out loud, it sounds worse.
~ Ruby, trying and failing to sound optimistic
But, uh, you hadn't told us to listen to you yet. So I didn't.
~ Ruby, to Bartholomew Oobleck on why she brought her backpack
Get back in the bag.
~ Ruby, whispering to Zwei
I'm a genius!
~ Ruby, after Bartholomew explains how Zwei can help
Don't worry. Things will be better tomorrow.
~ Ruby, reassuring Zwei
Did they go in yet? One bark means yes.
~ Ruby, to Zwei
Hey, mom. Sorry I haven't come by in a while.
~ Ruby visits her mother's grave
Oh, Dad's here, too! He's, uh, you know... Dad. He's still teaching at Signal. But he told me that he's going to be on some mission soon. I think he misses adventuring with you... I miss you too.
~ Ruby, on her father
I guess it's like they say: "like mother, like daughter"!
~ Ruby remarks that she is following in her mother's footsteps
Wish me luck... It was good to talk.
~ Ruby bids farewell to Summer
We did it!
~ Ruby, after Team RWBY wins their first match
Oh, shut your stupid little face...
~ Ruby, responding to Emerald's flattery
Go get 'em, Jaune!
~ Ruby, cheering on Jaune
The honor is in my... court!
~ Ruby, trying to mimic Weiss and Winter Schnee's affected speech
I'll catch up- I mean, I will... reconvene with you both... at a later... juncture! At a juncture. Yeah.
~ Ruby, trying to use long words
Oh no! Who would do such a th- That is my uncle! Kick her butt, Uncle Qrow!
~ Ruby, when she sees Winter and Qrow fighting
You'll never beat me, old man!
~ Ruby, to her Uncle Qrow
They do, and they're called silver!
~ Ruby, on medals for "almost"
Does she know about... y'know... beep boop bop, does not compute?
~ Ruby, asking if Ciel knows Penny is a robot
Break a leg, sis!
~ Ruby to Yang
Leave her alone!!
~ Ruby, defending Pyrrha
I don't care what you say! We WILL stop them, and I WILL stop you! BET ON THAT!
~ Ruby, to Roman Torchwick
I'll find them. I'll find them, and I'll bring them back.
~ Ruby, about Jaune and Pyrrha
I love you.
~ Ruby, to Yang
Then let's get started.
~ Ruby, to Jaune, Nora and Ren
~ Ruby falling through the trees
Alright! Come on team, let's do this!
~ Ruby to Nora and Ren before engaging the Geist again
It's got a cute little bunny rabbit!
~ Ruby about the emblem on Jaune's hoodie
Nothin's gonna stop Team RNJR now!
~ Ruby after Jaune dons his new armaments
So the next town is… uh-huh… uh-huh… We're lost.
~ Ruby, reading a map
Of course it'll be there. This one's supposed to be pretty big! Hee-gan…bayn-a.
~ Ruby, trying to pronounce the name of the town
What is this about? The White Fang? Roman Torchwick?
~ Ruby, to Tyrian about why he's after her
No! But I won't stand by and watch someone get hurt!
~ Ruby, to Tyrian
This is my fight, too!
~ Ruby, to Qrow
Uncle Qrow? What's going on?
~ Uncle Qrow? What's going on?
I'm willing to do whatever I can to help because I trust you. But why couldn't you trust me?
~ Ruby, to Qrow
They're gonna be fine, Jaune.
~ Ruby, optimistically comforting Jaune after Team RNJR splits
It's all my fault. I should have never dragged you guys into this.
~ Ruby, to Jaune about the journey to Haven
Hey sis, I hope my letters have been reaching you and Dad. Hand-written stuff's never been super reliable, but I guess it's all we've got these days. Anyway, in case you haven't been getting them, I want to say I'm sorry for leaving the way I did. I know you told me it was a reckless idea, and after everything I've been through, I can definitely say you were right. It's been hard, on all of us, and I'm not just talking about the monsters we fought out here. Every step we made took us further and further from the things we knew. And every morning we woke up wondering, if just over the next hill would be something good or something terrible. It's scary not knowing what's going to happen next. And the things we do know now—just how bad it can get—it almost makes it all worse. You told me once that bad things just happen. You were angry when you said it, and I didn't want to listen. But you were right, bad things do happen, all the time, every day. Which is why I'm out here, to do whatever I can, wherever I can, and hopefully do some good. We've all lost something, and I've seen what loss can do to people. But if we gave up every time we lost, then we'd never be able to move forward. We'd never have a chance to see what beautiful things the future might have waiting for us. We'd never have the strength to change; whether it's ourselves, or the world around us. And we'd never be there for other people who might one day be lost without us. This is what we were training for, Yang, to become Huntresses, to be the ones to stand up and do something about all the bad in the world. Because there are plenty of people out there who are still lost and even more who will try to gain everything they can from their sorrow. Believe me when I say, I know it can feel impossible, like every single day is a struggle against some unstoppable monster we can never hope to beat. But we have to try, if not for us, then for the people we've already—

Then for the people we haven't lost yet. I miss you so much. I miss Weiss and Blake too. But I think you'd all be proud to know that I made it to Mistral. All of us did, and we even ran into Uncle Qrow along the way. He's going to take us to see Professor Lionheart, the headmaster of Haven Academy. And he told us some things that you're gonna wanna hear, things I can't trust will make it to you in this letter. But maybe, if you join us, he could tell you himself. With Beacon gone they'll need Dad at Signal more than ever, and I know you need to focus on yourself before I can expect you to come out with me. But it sure would be great to get Team RWBY back together again. Until next time, your loving sister, Ruby Rose. Oh! Uh, PS. I'll be sure to give you the address of where we're staying in Mistral! I'd love to hear back from you and Dad, and I can't wait to fill you in on whatever's going to happen next! Now that we've made it across Anima I really think things are gonna start going our way.

~ Ruby's letter to Yang.
Okay! Okay. Things are bad; they’re bad. But we can figure this out.
~ Ruby, breaking up Qrow and Lionheart's argument.
What is going on out there?! Can’t a girl read her comics in peace??
~ Ruby, as she comes to see what all the ruckus is about.
When Beacon fell, I lost two of my friends: Penny Polendina and Pyrrha Nikos. I didn’t know them for very long, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were two of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met. But that didn’t save them. Pyrrha thought that if there was even the smallest chance of helping someone, then it was a chance worth taking. And because of that, she died fighting a battle she knew she couldn’t win. And Penny… was killed… just to make a statement.
~ Ruby telling Oscar about Penny and Pyrrha's deaths.
I am scared, but not just for me. What happened at Beacon shows that Salem doesn’t care if you’re standing against her or not. She’ll kill anybody, and that scares me most of all. Pyrrha… Penny… I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t hurt, that I didn’t think about them every day since I lost them, that I didn’t wish I had spent more time with them. If it had been me instead, I know they would have kept fighting too, no matter how dangerous it was. So that’s what I choose to do - to keep moving forward.
~ Ruby telling Oscar why she keeps moving onward.
Hey, Oscar? This isn’t gonna be easy, but the fact that you’re even trying says a lot about you. You’re braver than you think.
~ Ruby encouraging Oscar.
Yang, I… I’m so sorry! I- I should’ve stayed, and I should’ve talked to you more! I’d-- I just… I wasn’t sure if you wanted me around and--
~ Ruby's interrupted apology to Yang.
I love you too.
~ Ruby, after Yang tells her she loves her.
C’mon, sis! Aw, you can’t lose to a girl in a skirt!
~ Ruby as she watches Yang and Nora arm wrestle.
Weiss, you’re not cheering loud enough!!
~ Ruby, to Weiss.
Aww, yeah! Nice Weiss strikes again!
~ Ruby, after Weiss gives her coffee suited to her likings.
No, I'm angry.
~ Ruby after Yang asks her if she's okay.
Whatever it takes to shut you up.
~ Ruby to Mercury after she headbutts him.
That’s enough! Just... give up.
~ Ruby, to Emerald, Mercury and Hazel.
That’s all that matters. That we’re all here together.
~ Ruby, to Blake.


  • Ruby alludes to the fairy tale character Little Red Riding Hood, particularly on her minor associations with Beowolves.
    • This allusion has affected her appearance, causing her to almost constantly wear a red hooded cape.
    • In the "Red" Trailer, she fights a large pack of Beowolves, a reference to Little Red Riding Hood coming face to face with a wolf in the story.
    • In her Pajama outfit in "The Shining Beacon, Pt.2", her top features a cartoonish heart-shaped face of a Beowolf, and wears a sleep mask similar to the eyes of the black Beowolves in her trailer.
    • When Ruby hits her head on a tree in "Players and Pieces", the circling cartoonish images resemble black wolves with red eyes.
    • In RWBY Chibi, Episode 12 Team RWBY perform Little Red Riding Hood for Team JNPR, with Ruby obviously playing Little Red.
    • Beowolf figures are displayed in Ruby's bedroom shelves in Patch.
  • Her name alludes to a type of gemstone that is often found in red. Furthermore, "Ruby" is the name of an actual shade of red. Meanwhile, her surname, "Rose", alludes to another shade of red and a type of flower that is also found most often in red.
  • Ruby is the first character to be introduced in the series.
  • Ruby's birthday is October 31, which is also Halloween.
  • Ruby's alternate outfit, "Slayer", appears to be somewhat based on the early sketch shown in the second production diary.
  • Early designs for Ruby were set aside and later used for Miltia Malachite, one of Yang's foes in the "Yellow" Trailer.
  • Although Ruby is often depicted to favor sweets like cookies, her favorite food is actually strawberries.
  • Ruby is the only character to appear in more than one of the Volume 1 prequel trailers, appearing in both "Red" and "Yellow" trailers.
  • Ruby's voice in the Japanese dub is provided by Saori Hayami.
  • Ruby fought Ragna the Bloodedge in an episode of DBX and won.

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