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Rudy Kangaroo is the son of Sour Kangaroo and a supporting character of Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who!. But compared to the bookl, he appears more friendly in the movie.

In the 1970 animated television special, he was voiced by late Chuck Jones. In the 2008 animated film based on the second book, he was voiced by Josh Flitter.


In the book and musical, he is a minor antagonist who agrees with every word his mother said. In the movie however, he's nicer and has his own mind, but also slightly naive and fragile. He is also one of the few animals in the jungle that actually believes Horton. But he is also slightly timid and too afraid to speak up to his strict mother. However, after the animals roped and caged Horton, and Kangaroo dropped the clover with the dust speck over a pot of boiling beezlenut oil, he grabbed it after hearing voices coming from it. When his mother ordered him to hand it back, he finally got the courage to tell her, "No, Mom". The animals of the jungle said they also heard something coming from it. Immediately after, he gave it back to Horton.

The animals then isolated Kangaroo for tricking them, but Horton forgave her. Near the end, Rudy and the other major characters sing Can't Fight This Feeling and him and all the other animals return to the main part of the jungle.



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