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People are projecting a lot of their own anxiety and anger onto you. Just be careful. Thank you. Talk soon.
~ Dr. Rudy Vincent to Ally

Dr. Rudy Vincent (né Vincent Anderson) is the deuteragonist in American Horror Story: Cult. He is a psychiatrist who treated Ally Mayfair-Richards, and helped her to cope with her many phobias. He is also the eldest brother to Kai Anderson and Winter Anderson, as well as Kai's archenemy because of Vincent's attempt to take down Kai's cult and arrest his brother in order to stop his madness

He is portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson.


Initially in his appearance, Rudy Vincent is the psychiatrist that helps treat Ally Mayfair-Richards. It is explained that Ally regularly meets with him and he prescribes her medication, but after Ally witnesses the death of one of her employees, she stops attending, which concerns him, so he goes to visit her. While visiting, she shows him the gun that she borrowed to feel safe, which he expresses an obvious dislike to.

It is later revealed that his real name is Vincent Anderson and that he is Kai and Winter's older brother. He later meets with Ally, after having her hospitalized in the psych ward, to tell her that he believes everything she said about Kai forming a cult. Vincent then reveals that he's Kai's brother and that he's planning to have him arrested.

Afterwards, however, Ally betrays Vincent and uses that info to make a deal with Kai in exchange of her son, Oz. Kai then kidnaps and subsequently kills Vincent.


  • Dr. Vincet is the only main character of Cult not to form part of FIT.
  • He is a Hillary Clinton supporter.


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