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Rufus is minor character of 2019 live action movie, Kim Possible.

He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright who also voiced his cartoon counterpart.


Ron finds and first met Rufus in a science lab where he lives in a terrarium for naked mole-rats.

Later, Rufus help Kim, Ron and Athena to stop Shego, Dr. Drakken. However, using a drone Ron had brought along, Rufus and Wade manage to free their allies from Drakken's cage, leading to a fight between Shego and Kim, as well as Drakken, Ann and Nana.

Rufus is eating with Kim & Ron at Bueno Nachofood.





  • The origin of how Ron and Rufus meet is out of canon. In "A Sitch in Time", Ron buys Rufus at the Smarty Mart during his preteen years.


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