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Rufus in Street Fighter V.

Rufus is one of the major protagonists in the Street Fighter series of fighting games. He is an obese American kung-fu fighter and the rival of Ken Masters.


After reading an article praising Ken as the best warrior in the United States, Rufus was naturally and insulted. Candy suggested that he beat Ken in front of the audience to determine who is the best. Rufus smiled and accepted the advice of his girlfriend. He eventually found the tournament and Ken, although the outcome of the battle was unknown. Ken may have won this fight.

However, after the tournament, Rufus and Candy magnified Ken and Ryu on the wasteland and temporarily stopped to insult. Not long after, he always saw him pushing a motorcycle because the gasoline was exhausted. Ken rolled up his stylish SUV with a Candy's hat and provided a trailer.

Rufus proudly rejected the offer and said the push was part of his training. Ken shrugged and then drove off. Candy suggested helping, but Rufus insisted that she stayed and cursed Ken for his misfortune.


  • Out of all the other characters, Rufus has the longest Super Street Fighter IV prologue in arcade mode; spanning over two minutes. This is due to his talkative nature, prolonging the duration.


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